polyvore live.

So, today is the big day! We spent the weekend rehearsing the show and running around town for last minute errands. I snapped a few pictures backstage, but I'm hoping to get more tonight. And, guess what? You can watch the show LIVE! The show will be live-streamed on Polyvore.com tonight, 6:30pm EST. I will be up at the front checking people in and hoping to catch a look at someone famous, you know.

It's going to be a great show, and I think that they've really tried to do something unique here. You will see four beautiful collections by four different FIT alumni, modeled by 25 of your favorite fashion bloggers. You should check out the list, and see if you recognize anyone. It's been fun seeing all these girls get excited and prepped for this show. I think it's so great how so many of them are already friends--the blogging world is pretty amazing.

So, don't forget to tune in. And, check to see if you can find me creeping in the back of all the photo opps!

central park.




Yes, yes. We are still alive!

I just figured I should post a few pictures to prove it. The past couple of weeks since we arrived in the city have been absolutely crazy. But, we are still alive and very happy, as a matter of fact. Here is a quick rundown:

1. Sam started work. He loves it.
2. Rox watched Felicity on Netflix. She finished it. (Yes, all four seasons. Ben or Noel!?)
3. Rox decided she needed to stop being scared of the city, and did some sightseeing. She loved it.
4. Rox & Sam spent countless hours looking for an apartment. They still haven't found one.
5. Rox & Sam continue to live out of suitcases in their cute little sublet.
6. Rox applies for an internship. She gets it!
7. One week later they offer her a job!

So, there you go. We are both New York career people, just loving it. I work for TH Productions in SoHo, and we are very busy right now preparing for two full-scale runway shows for New York Fashion Week. Yes, somebody pinch me.