labor day.








(A little late) Our Labor Day was beautifully relaxing. We slept in, took the train to Connecticut to meet up with Maggie and Myron, went to a very Connecticut-like beach, and grilled everything humanly possible--corn, onion, mushrooms, chicken, ribs, peaches, and apples. The big surprise- grilled mushrooms. We were eating them like candy, popping them in our mouths straight off the grill and trying not to act surprise when they burned a little.

East coast beaches are a whole different animal, and I've really come to love them. Sure, they are a little rocky, but it makes a great setting for rock-skipping contests. I was the judge (because I can't skip), looking for number of skips, distance, and personal style.

Sam: the wind-it-up baseball pitch.
Myron: the full bodied release.
Maggie: the graceful lunge and swoop.

I hope your labor day was beautiful! (Forgive me for the lack of timeliness.)

the designers.







GenArt "Fresh Faces in Fashion"

on the runway.








Here are just a few favorites from the runway at the GenArt "Fresh Faces in Fashion" show this weekend. I was really lucky to be really small, and so many of the photographers were so nice and let me sit right on the floor- almost front and center. They were actually so helpful, and I loved how they all seemed to know each other like old friends. I would offer commentary on each of these, but I think the work speaks for itself. I am simply amazed by the talent out there.

Designs by:
1. Gretchen Jones
2. Katungulu Mwendwa
3. Katungulu Mwendwa
4. Chloe Comme Parris
5. Amanda Lew Kee
6. Come For Breakfast
7. Come For Breakfast

fresh faces.












I had the greatest opportunity this weekend to shoot the GenArt "Fresh Faces in Fashion" show. I had no idea what I was doing, but I was given a press badge and waltzed around like I owned the place. Boom. I was the only photographer in the pit with a cheap 50 mm lens, that's for sure.

It was so much fun, and I loved my little taste of NYFW. There was some beautiful work in the show, and it was exciting to see so many of these "fresh faces." You may recognize the woman in that last photo (by the back of her head?)- it's Gretchen Jones from Project Runway! I loved her collection- very fun and feminine.

I'll post more photos from the runway soon!