brother backpacking trip.

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Every fall my brothers and I make time for a brother backpacking trip, well for the last two years at least. Last year we hiked to the top of Maple Mountain, also known by locals as Spanish Fork Peak. We set our camp up next to the pond at the base of the peak—the only water source that creatures would use for miles. It turned out to be an eventful night. We heard some large creatures footsteps close to the tent and then it to proceeded to slosh around in the pond next to us. We were convinced it was a bear. My youngest brother there was only 14 at the time and I was thinking of how I would explain to my mother that Anthony (affectionately known as Bones) was violently attacked and killed by a bear. Needless to say, all of us were dead quiet and were pretty scared. About 2 hours into the scare, we heard a loud bugle from the hillside above us. Turns out our bear was an Elk and it was mating season. This quenched our fears a bit, but we were all still on edge and it proved to be a mostly sleepless night.

This time around we thought we would go where the most threatening predator is a squirrel looking to steal your trail mix, Coyote Gulch. All of the brothers were there, minus Aaron, who is serving as a missionary in João Pessoa, Brazil. In his place was my cousin, Tim. The trip went down almost as I predicted. The boys were bouncing off the walls the first half, competing the entire time to see who could throw the frisbee or football the farthest or in the coolest way. Anthony won the award for best slide catch into the mud. The second half was the complete opposite, everyone was tired and hardly a word was said. All in all it was a great time and we hope to make this an annual tradition.



I have been really excited about posting this 1960's olive green Bobbie Brooks skirt for awhile. I love the color and the feel of the material, and if I could have shoved my body into this skirt it would definitely be sitting in my closet right now. On the same day, we happened to run across three similar skirts in different colors! I think a great wool or linen pleated skirt would be perfect with a pair of tights for the Fall.

I have been really into pleats lately. I love small detailing in garments. So, I put together a little list of my favorite pleats in the shop. Enjoy!

pumpkin patch.







The other day Sam and I met up with Bobby and Emily at the pumpkin patch in Springville. The air was just crisp enough to be Fall, and the sun was hitting magic hour right as we pulled up. We walked up and down the rows of pumpkins, leaning over to inspect the good ones for scars or deflated sides. We decided that we were probably the only couples in the entire patch that didn't have little ones running laps around our legs, or leaping off of the haystacks. There are pumpkin patches and corn mazes all over the place--it's a Utah Valley tradition that I had yet to take part in. I don't know why, especially after I discovered that is so much cheaper than buying an ugly, deformed pumpkin at the grocery store. They were all so perfect! We left with three--a baby pumpkin with brown freckles, a light colored oblong pumpkin, and a perfectly round Cinderella carriage pumpkin. They are sitting on our porch right now in a neat little pile, just waiting for us to carve them next week. Do you have any suggestions? Last year we did a cyclops with a mustache...

how she wore it.






Provo, Utah

Meet, Kamarie. Isn't she beautiful? Kamarie was the winner of our Facebook give-away. She grabbed both of these skirts from the shop, and was nice enough to stop by our place to let me take some photos of her. She also happens to be a friend of mine! She's a dancer (can you tell by her hot bod?), and also teaches Zumba classes down at the Center in Provo. I really need to drop in on one, because I know they're a party.

It was so much fun taking photos of this girl. She has the most beautiful smile, and it just happened to be a beautiful Fall day. And, I was excited to see her so happy with these skirts because pencil skirts have proven to be a tough sell. It's pretty difficult taking a photo of something so simple on a hanger or a dress form. But, they are such good finds! Classic vintage pencil skirts are a staple in my closet. (Especially, when I am too cheap to buy one for $100+ at J. Crew.) I love Kamarie's floral top in the first look, and how she knew that a fitted top would look great with the cut of the skirt. I also love that skinny belt in the second look, it draws attention to the waist. And, oh, those shoes...

I feel like pencil skirts make you feel like a woman in all the right ways, if you know what I mean. Do you want one? Well, we happen to have a few more in the shop. In fact, we have another one in blue. Or, check out this little color speckled pencil skirt just listed today!

I would love to see more photos. And, I mean it. Send us your photos to And, if you live close by and are too nervous to take photos of yourself, stop by our place and I will take them for you! Check out more of "how they wore it," by clicking the link on the sidebar.

girls' weekend.




The boys were out of town all weekend, so the sisters-in law got together. Mostly we just ate a lot of food, and went shopping. I decided that I must officially be an old fart, because the shopping spree didn't go as planned. You know how sometimes all you feel like is buying something completely ridiculous (and possibly reckless), just because? Well, my husband was out of town, and I felt like buying something...anything! And, after walking all over town with Emily, I ended up with 6 bottles of soap, a frying pan lid, and 4 pairs of socks. Yes--soap and socks. Party hard.

So, after eating and shopping, we spent the rest of the time letting little Nola entertain us. She is beginning to open up to everyone, and it is so much fun seeing her little personality. She is such a goofball! I swear she is either going to be a fantastic dancer or gymnast someday, because she has the strongest little legs. She jumps off of anything and everything, and can bend into the funniest positions. She folds in half, like a sandwich, and is really confused as to why we can't do it, too. She is also so smart. She rattles off words and letters and numbers. When you ask her, "What's your favorite music?"...she says, "Adele." My favorite part of the night was when she left with Kelsey, turned around and waved at Emily and I, and said, "Bye, aunties!"

I can't wait for my big sister to have her little one. April seems like a long ways away...








I married into a family of boys--six of them, to be exact. Yes, after growing up the middle of three sisters, I inherited five brothers. And, while I still hope and pray for baby girls someday, I wouldn't be too unhappy if I ended up with a few little boys (although I really would have no idea what to do with them). But, I have learned quite a bit about them. They play sports...a lot. They eat...a lot. And, there is definitely such thing as "brotherly love." It's really great how much those Gray brothers love each other. They would do anything for each other, and their parents. I wouldn't mind growing old with six grown sons to care for me. And, even though Sam is 17 years older than his youngest brother, they still wrestle around like kids.

Having boys around means that you spend a lot of time in the bleachers, or on the track, watching the guys toss around a ball. You can never expect leftovers, and you should never be surprised at how much ice cream can possibly fit in a bowl. Every dent in the wall has a story. There is always a couple of sets of crutches available. At least one TV in the house has a sports game on it. You can never tell if someone is speaking in real life, or quoting Nacho Libre. You should always keep a safe distance, just in case someone starts wrestling or a ball flies by your head. There are no meals--just a constant flow of food. And, that is where the super mom comes in. Nancy Gray is a saint.

I always miss girl time with my sisters, but I always wanted a brother. And, now I have five. I also have two more sisters! This weekend the brothers are having a "brother weekend," backpacking Coyote Gulch. And, while the boys are away, the girls will play...





Say hello to the newest pieces in our collection over at the shop. Do you remember those four suitcases we came home with? Well, we also had quite a bit more already at the house, just waiting to be introduced to you. So, here goes. You may have noticed the many, many listings popping up over the past few days. I have spent all weekend shooting and editing, and I realized why I always let these things pile up. Shooting new inventory for the shop requires transforming our little living room into a photo studio, praying that the clouds will clear up so that there will be enough light. The seamless is set up by the windows, while the couches are shoved to the other side of the room and piled high with clothing. We are lucky if we can even get through the front door for a few days. Someday I will have something like this, so that I can shoot inventory the day that we bring it home. Someday...

But, today it's done! And, you may have noticed our "NEW!" listings on our Facebook and Pinterest. Here is a little sneak peak of some of our newest Fall and Winter pieces. We have so many new coats, sweaters, and blazers that I am so excited to show you. We will also be adding quite a few men's pieces, dresses, shoes, and boots. You should keep your eye on those listings, you may find something special!

thai curry.


Fall has arrived, and I couldn't be more excited. I love this time of year. It's a reminder of all the exciting holidays coming up and a reminder of all your favorite warm clothes that have been waiting so patiently all summer. I have started dragging scarves and sweaters from boxes, and there is a (not so) neat little line of boots by the front door now. I even spent some time gathering fall leaves and berries for my classes last week, and Sam and I went up the canyon to see all of the colors. I remember when I first moved up here for school, I was just so in love. (This was obviously before the snow showed up.) In Texas we don't have color changing trees. I used to mail home leaves to my family, because I was so surprised at how many shapes and color a leaf could actually come in. Pretty soon the season will be gone, and I will be slipping on the ice every morning and cursing this state under my breath. But for now, it's a wonderland.

The chilly weather means that we are going to say goodbye to our little garden soon. But, we are trying to take advantage of these last few days of fresh produce. Last week we had some friends over for homemade margherita pizzas. We used fresh tomatoes and basil from the garden, fresh mozzarella, and pizza dough from this book. We have big plans for tomato basil soup, and as many different kinds of zucchini bread as we can come up with (chocolate, lemon, pumpkin!) We are also going to try our hand at freezing and canning some of it.

I thought I might share a quick recipe for Thai Curry--given to us by our good friend JJ, who picked it up from the lady at the Asian Market in Provo. So, it's the real deal. It's also a great way to use up some of that end-of-season produce, and warm up in the cool weather.

Thai Curry
This is a very easy recipe, and completely dependent on your personal taste. But, I tried to give you a few measurements.

2-3 c water
1 chicken bouillon cube
3 stalks lemon grass
10 lime leaves
1 inch galangal root (also known as Thai ginger)
1 can coconut milk
2 tbs Thai sugar (or regular sugar)
Thai Curry Paste
chicken, veggies, etc.
tapioca powder
jasmine rice

1. With the side of a knife, mash the lemongrass and root for steeping. Tear the lime leaves a little, as well.
2. Boil the water, bouillon cube, lemon grass, lime leaves, and galangal root for about 15 minutes in a covered pot.
3. While the broth is boiling, brown your meat and veggies. I use two chicken breasts and 3-4 small zucchini and squash cut into bite-size pieces. I also boil about 2-3 potatoes cut into bite-size pieces. But, you can use any meat, vegetables, or fruit that you want.
4. When the broth is done, remove the root, leaves, and grass.
5. Add the coconut milk and Thai curry paste. I usually use about 1/3 of a container of yellow curry (like this one). The amount of curry paste you use will determine how spicy the dish is. I would suggest adding a little at a time.
6. Add the sugar, and stir well.
7. Add the meat and veggies, stir, and let simmer for about 10-15 minutes. If the curry seems a little too soupy, you can add some tapioca powder. I would add a spoonful at a time, until you get the desired thickness. Let it sit between spoonfuls, though.
8. Serve over jasmine rice.

To avoid hitting every grocery store in town, I would suggest getting online and finding the nearest Asian market. There is a great one here in Provo. Oh, and don't worry, they totally have a Facebook...

Let me know if you have any questions!








We spent most of our last day in Texas in my Daddy's woodshop. Sam made a pen with my Dad on the lathe! And, I got to to take this pen home, made of pink ivory. It's a beautiful wood that has a pinkish tint to it, and leaves the woodshop covered in little piles of pink shavings. I've used it every day since I got home. And, Sam just loved getting his hands on those tools.

It was so great to be sitting on a stool in my Daddy's woodshop again. He used to have a woodshop in our garage when I was growing up, and he is in the process of rebuilding the shop again in his new garage. When I was little, he always had a stool set up in the garage for me to sit on and swing my legs back and forth while he worked. The walls of the garage were completely plastered in posters of topographical maps, National Geographic photos, science cartoons, and a life-size NASA astronaut. And, one entire wall was covered in peg board where every little tool imaginable hung by size and color. I can remember the sound of every different power tool, and the air from the box fan in the corner blowing on my sweaty neck. I can remember the smell of a Texas summer afternoon, mixed with fresh shavings and car oil. He helped me make my own smooth wood toolbox, and gave me a few random tools to fill it with. I would sit in a corner and bangs nails into a scrap of wood, or draw pictures with my fingers in the fine layer of wood dust that landed on every surface. It was one of my favorite places to be.

guadalupe river.








On one of our last days in Texas, Sam and I rented a car and headed out to the Guadalupe River. I used to float the river every summer when I was young. When I was a little girl, we would float with the family. My dad would hook his feet onto our tubes so that we wouldn't float off into the banks. Texas rivers are like the lazy river at water parks. They are slow moving, and cool enough to swim in. It's the traditional Texas summertime activity (along with heading down the the coast.) And on peak days the rivers can be packed, bumper to bumper. When I was in high school, we would all pack into someone's jeep and head down to the river with a cooler of Capri Suns and snacks. You can rent tubes just for your cooler, and hope that it doesn't flip when you float through the "rapids."

It looked like it was going to be a disappointing afternoon when we discovered that it was definitely not peak season, and most of the "toob" rentals were not even open. But, after downing an incredibly greasy burger at a little outdoor stand, we rented a couple of tubes at Andy's. I was so used to floating the river with a million other people, trying to not eavesdrop on the group next to you, and trying to avoid being drenched by a nearby beer can, that it was almost eerie when we first got in. On this day there was absolutely no one on the river--and it was perfect. It was so quiet and peaceful that half the time I think Sam would get antsy and start to paddle us further. I kept having to talk him into just relaxing and letting the slow moving current take us through. The only greenery in Texas lines the rivers in summer. The trees hang overhead providing pockets of shade, and their are small limestone cliffs lining the banks. The roots of the trees are gnarled and tangled, and during this drought they were plenty exposed. The river was a little low, and our tubes scraped the bottom a time or two. But, it was such a perfect Texas end-of-summer day. Now, it's time to say good bye to my tan, and pack the swimsuit away until next year.

I hope you are having a beautiful weekend. Sam and I have been enjoying General Conference, and eating pumpkin pancakes all morning...

sewing room.





This is my mama in her sewing room. Just kidding. This is my mama sewing in the dining room. Technically, she has a sewing room now--but, it has always been understood that any clear spot in the house would eventually become a cutting table or new home for her machine. I always joke that when I moved to Utah for my first year of school, I came back to find I had been replaced. Every drawer of my bedroom was filled with fabric, buttons, and lace. In fact, practically every drawer and closet in the house has fabric in it. Ok, I exaggerate a little (but, not much). I once wrote a short essay in one of my classes about my mama's love affair with fabric.

Mama teaches fashion design at a fine arts magnet school in San Antonio. I spent much of my childhood wandering around thrift stores and fabric stores with her. She made every dance costume, Halloween costume, prom formal, and my beautiful wedding dress. She is the reason why we have our little shop-- she taught me how to hunt for great finds, and to have the confidence to make them work. So, you can imagine how excited we were to spend an entire day scouting new inventory for the shop in San Antonio with Mama. And, when I say all day...I mean ALL day. (We have great stamina.) I wish she could always be by my side. She knows everything about cut, fit, color, and style. And, she has never been afraid to be honest (ha!). I miss getting ready for school with my mom every morning. A girl needs her mama to make decisions, even more than she needs a good girlfriend. Or, at least my mom. Mama knows all.

We spent the day shopping all over San Antonio, and even stopped to have lunch at a really great cafe downtown. When we got back from our long day of shopping, we carefully laid out our loot in the living room--like, Halloween candy. We sure did make a great team. In case you hadn't heard on our Facebook or Twitter... Sam and I packed one suitcase to go down to Texas, and came back with four. Our inventory has now doubled! So, somebody light a fire under me because I need to get this stuff ready and in the shop!

By the way, we just recently hit our first 50 sales in the shop! To celebrate we are offering a 10% discount--use the code "FIFTY" at check out!