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Provo, Utah

Meet, Kamarie. Isn't she beautiful? Kamarie was the winner of our Facebook give-away. She grabbed both of these skirts from the shop, and was nice enough to stop by our place to let me take some photos of her. She also happens to be a friend of mine! She's a dancer (can you tell by her hot bod?), and also teaches Zumba classes down at the Center in Provo. I really need to drop in on one, because I know they're a party.

It was so much fun taking photos of this girl. She has the most beautiful smile, and it just happened to be a beautiful Fall day. And, I was excited to see her so happy with these skirts because pencil skirts have proven to be a tough sell. It's pretty difficult taking a photo of something so simple on a hanger or a dress form. But, they are such good finds! Classic vintage pencil skirts are a staple in my closet. (Especially, when I am too cheap to buy one for $100+ at J. Crew.) I love Kamarie's floral top in the first look, and how she knew that a fitted top would look great with the cut of the skirt. I also love that skinny belt in the second look, it draws attention to the waist. And, oh, those shoes...

I feel like pencil skirts make you feel like a woman in all the right ways, if you know what I mean. Do you want one? Well, we happen to have a few more in the shop. In fact, we have another one in blue. Or, check out this little color speckled pencil skirt just listed today!

I would love to see more photos. And, I mean it. Send us your photos to And, if you live close by and are too nervous to take photos of yourself, stop by our place and I will take them for you! Check out more of "how they wore it," by clicking the link on the sidebar.

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