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One of my closest friends is getting married next month! Sara is absolutely beautiful, inside and out. We danced together in college, and have kept in touch through the years since. She grew up in Springville, where my in-laws live, which means I get I get to see her at least every time we visit Utah!

Ok, so... Sam and I take full credit for the two of these lovebirds. Technically, Sara and Ryan met back in grade school. But, five years or so ago, Sam and I set them up on a date. Trust me, we never really play matchmaker, but we are now 1-1 and feeling good about it. 

They went on a couple of dates and it didn't quite work out. And then, pretty much once a year since then they would venture out on a date only to decide that it wasn't meant to be. Until last Fall when I get a call from Sara saying, "Ryan and I are dating again! ...Oh, and we are thinking of getting married!" Ah, true love.

I am so happy for these two. Ryan is actually the younger brother of one of Sam's best friends from high school. He is kind and funny, and always smiling. He is the kind of guy who really just wants to make everyone happy. And Sara is absolutely the most deserving of that happiness. She is such a special person, and I was so excited to see her so excited about this new adventure. She was absolutely glowing.

Sara has impeccable taste, and has an eye for beautiful things. She is an extremely talented dancer with WDC and designs the storefronts and displays for Banana Republic in Provo. So, I was excited to throw a bridal shower that might really fit her style and love for pretty things. I pulled together this board, and was especially inspired by this Midsummer Mingle. And thus came, Sara's Midsummer Bridal Shower!

I had many ideas that just didn't work out, mostly because I was trying to keep costs down, but also because it is really hard to throw a party on a different turf! I didn't have my usual resources, and things like florals were literally ten times more expensive in Utah than in California. So, I minimized while trying to keep the things I knew would be most exciting for Sara.

I was lucky to have a lot of help with this party. I gave food assignments to many of Sara's friends and family, and oh they really came through! We had fresh fruit, a cheese board with crackers, a delicious berry green salad, pear walnut crostinis, and two of the most beautiful tarts. (recipes found on the board) It ended up being a perfect take on a fresh, summer menu. 

Speaking of Summer, I sort of forgot how stinkin' hot it is in Utah in July when I sent the invite for an outdoor party at 6:30 pm. Whoops. But luckily, we were given a miraculously cool evening, in the shade of Sara's English cottage-style childhood home. I couldn't have picked a better location. Her family brought out pretty couches and chairs, and the rest of the guests were happy to lounge on blankets in the grass.

I foraged greens and flowers from all over Springville- which was an interesting task in the dead of summer! But, I found some beautifully soft greens for the tablescape. Arianna and I made green leaf crowns for the guests to wear. And my friend, Ashley, came and braided the guests's hair in the prettiest Midsummer-inspired updos, and decorated them with foraged flowers. I was happy many of the girls really got into this, and I was even more happy when most of the guests showed up in "summer whites" as requested on the invite! I love parties where people are willing to really enjoy themselves and have fun.

The thing that really made the decor were those beautiful overs-sized flowers that Ashley was able to borrow for the party. I really couldn't afford the abundance of real florals that I had planned to use. So, I was so excited when Ashley offered to procure these massive beauties- they are gorgeous! I'm thinking of getting some for Eliza's room. I love how bright and whimsical they are.

I loved watching Sara open her presents, and laugh while she told her cute love story. I especially loved sticking around after the party and watching her run around the house, excitedly pulling out all of her pretty wedding details. She is wearing her mother's dress, but cutting the top off to wear the skirt with a cardigan like Olivia Palermo. It's absolutely beautiful. Oh, and her ring! Her dad owns Forge Jewelry Works in Provo. He handcrafted that beautiful ring! She couldn't decide between rose gold and yellow gold, so he literally created a custom alloy by mixing the two to create, what he calls, "peach gold." I mean, seriously? How magical.

I am so happy for you, Sara! I can't wait for your wedding day!