this week.

Sam and I tried to take advantage of the holiday break, and spent most of the week packing. I've never had a big move before. When I was 18, I moved out to Utah for school with two huge suitcases. My mom and I had to pay extra fines at the airport because my luggage was busting at the seams, and something like 50 lbs overweight. And then every year, and almost every semester after that, I moved from dorms, to apartments, to houses all over Provo. But, moving in Provo only involves shoving all of your stuff loosely in the car, driving around the corner, and dumping it in your new house.

So this is definitely my first real move. And, we've discovered that 80% of the stuff in our house belongs to Mr. Sam Gray. We are both hoarders and collectors, but I guess Sam has a few years on me. So, it's been a very long week of sorting "Yes" or "No" piles. It's so hard! We are very slowly building stacks of boxes in the empty corners of the house. We are also selling a few things on KSL, if you are interested (an Osprey backpack, climbing equipment, a Lichtenstein print, a Canon printer, a Drink Master, and much more to come!)

1. dumpster diving for moving boxes.
2. cutting down on books, so sad.
3. first few boxes.
4. taking a last ride on my bike.
5. Goldie in the basket.
6. packing up the kitchen.

station 22.







Today, I had lunch with my friend at Station 22. Christine is one of my oldest friends--we met at girls' camp in middle school. We've been through a lot together, and we've probably gotten into far too much trouble. Christine took me to my very first real concert, she was in the passenger's seat when I totaled my first car, right by my side while we scrubbed floors at our first job at Chuck E. Cheese, and lived just down the hall when we moved out to Utah together for school. Now, five years later, we are both about to take our first big steps into the real world--me to NYC, and Christine to Chicago. I guess it's pretty fitting. This girl is really something, and I am so proud of her.

Station 22 is located Downtown Provo in a beautiful building. And, they make such beautiful food! Christine took all of these photos, as Station 22's resident photographer. I love that they take real American favorites, and take them to the next level. It's pretty amazing how many fresh and unique ingredients they can fit into one dish. I also love that they rotate new menu items all of the time. So, check it out, and check out Christine's photography on the walls!

(photos taken from Christine's blog)

holiday fail.



So, we did finally get our dead tree out of the house-- so as to prevent any house fires. The day after Christmas it was out the door, trailing a thick layer of dry pine needles. Thanks for the tips from everyone, although I am not sure the mystery was totally solved. I think it was just a crumby tree to begin with. And, don't worry, we definitely did cut the bottom of the trunk before putting it in the stand. There is no stopping a man with an electric saw.

This is our holiday fail blog post. We have a dead tree out on the front lawn, a very timely removal. But, there are still three perfectly fresh pumpkins sitting on our front porch. Now, these pumpkins are the same pumpkins we got at the Springville patch... in early October. We never got around to carving them, so they doubled as Thanksgiving decor. And then, when Christmas rolled around and they still had not been rolled off the front porch--that's when it got embarrassing. I think I get it from my Dad. One time, he left his artificial tree up for quite awhile. (Who really actually likes taking the tree down?) Well, it was pretty funny when it became the Valentine's Day tree, and the St. Patrick's Day tree. But when May came around, we thought, "Well, now that is just silly. Who ever heard of a Mother's Day tree?" Luckily, it gave us the motivation to finally take it down.

But now, I have a dead Christmas tree on my lawn and three Halloween pumpkins on my porch. I'm hoping that this public humiliation will give me the motivation to get rid of them. Or, maybe we will just leave them for the next tenants...

last week.



Just a few photos from last week. I think one of my favorites is the line of boots. I have spent two years now trying to find the perfect stockings for us. I have hoops to jump through in this family. I have to find ones that I like AND ones that Sam likes, as well. (I've got myself a husband who knows what he wants.) He doesn't want anything frilly, and I don't want anything ugly and boring. Sometimes, our tastes clash just a little. So, on Christmas Eve I decided I was just going to whip us up some temporary stockings out of whatever I could find in my fabric collection. Then, I got a little too excited and added extra details to the plans, like toes, heels, felt lining, and possibly names. Three hours later, after my 60-year-old sewing machine broke the thread 20 times in a row, I burst into tears. Sam took charge and decided that it would be fun to use our boots, instead. And, I loved it! I hope to find (or make) those perfect stockings one day, but for now, those boots were so much fun. Especially, when Sam was too generous and filled both of my boots! And, Goldie even got a boot full of things to chew on, and a little Cutie orange.

1. our makeshift stockings (Sam, Rox (2), Goldie)
2. my first Christmas away from home, my first package from the family!
3. baked apples for breakfast.
4. Goldie's all tuckered out after a day of ripping apart his stuffed reindeer.
5. stocking stuffers: Sam.
6. stocking stuffers: Roxanne.
7. surveying the damage.

christmas weekend.








We hope your Christmas weekend was beautiful! Sam and I stayed in Utah this year, and spent Christmas with the Grays. It was so much fun learning all of their Christmas traditions, and even fun waking up in our own home to open presents and dig through our makeshift "stockings" (aka rubber boots). It makes me realize how much I am going to miss Utah, and having so much family close by. It also made me realize how much I miss my own family! We had a little iChat time, though, and it really made my day.

Friday night we stayed up all night with our friends at the Williams', potlucking, opening white elephants, and attempting to learn all of Robyn's dance in Call Your Girlfriend. On Christmas Eve, we made pizzas with the family. Sam and I tried to recreate our favorite goat cheese and bacon pizza from Escalante Outfitters, and came pretty close to the real thing. And, on Christmas Day we went to church, ate a huge turkey dinner, and lay around lazily all afternoon. It was such a relaxing weekend, and a perfect time to be reminded of the birth of our Savior. With the upcoming move, we really feel so overwhelmed with gratitude. We love you all--Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays!

merry christmas!


Merry Christmas!

Sam, Roxanne, and Goldie

kimi and nate.



















Kimi and Nate were married at the Newport Beach Temple, of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Like I said, I think you can tell how loved a person is by how many people came together to make this day special. Just look at those smiles! They were on top of the world, and I was just so happy to be along for the ride, and to pick up that train whenever I could. Isn't it a gorgeous dress? It was made by the sweetest seamstress who lives in Utah, so let me know if you need any work done. We became pretty good friends last weekend, as we ran all over Orange County together. She was up late with me the night before while I was trying to put together a last-minute hairpiece. And, the flowers were done by Kimi's sister. She needs to start a flower business, right? The bridesmaids dresses were from all over, but they came together perfectly. (We were all a little surprised.) My dress is vintage, and would have made it in the shop if I hadn't snuck it into my closet first.

Everything really did come together perfectly, and Kimi was just so beautiful. What a doll. It's crazy to think that Kimi is married. She was on a mission when Sam and I got married, so we haven't really done all this. One day we were single and running down the street barefoot wearing every piece of costume jewelry we own and every pashmina scarf in the house, and the next minute I am carrying her train while she walks around the temple grounds with Nate's arm around her little waist. I love this girl so much, and I honestly don't think that I could have handed her over to anyone more deserving and loving. These two are in for an eternity of happiness, and I am so excited to watch it all play out. Love you!

hello, new york.


I finally get to announce the news! (Not like I haven't spilled the beans to everyone already.) Sam has accepted a position with VSA Partners in New York City, and we will be packing up and moving in less than a month! Hello, New York!

We are so excited about this new adventure, although it's hard to believe it's actually happening. We'll be pretty busy the next couple of weeks, but please don't assume that we are too busy to hang out. We're going to start making our Utah bucket list now, and you are all on it. We will miss you so much!



I was so excited to find out that our cream lace and velvet dress was featured on the ModCloth Tumblr this weekend! It's one of my favorite dresses in the shop, but it's so darn small. We have a small collection of dresses from the same little, petite woman who must have had impeccable taste. They are all little mod, minis-- like this one and this one. It really makes me wish I knew her, or the stories behind each piece. Anything that comes to us in such good condition always gives me the feeling that they were well cared for and special to someone.

Anyway, we're excited to be included on ModCloth, especially when I am a happy customer myself. If you haven't been there, you should definitely check it out. I still have a little bit of ModCloth store credit from my birthday, and I have been checking their new arrivals everyday!

wedding sneak peek.

A little sneak peek of the wedding. It was really such a beautiful and happy weekend. Kimi and Nate deserve the very best. They were married in the Newport Beach Temple, with a reception in her hometown, Placentia. I think you can tell how much two people are loved when you see how many, many people showed up to make their day special. In fact, one of the things I loved best about the reception was that neither Kimi nor Nate was allowed to see anything until the second they walked in for their big entrance. It was perfect, and I am so happy for them!

Don't worry, I sort of volunteered Sam as a back-up photographer. So, I will post many more pictures of the beautiful day. Love that girl.