holiday fail.



So, we did finally get our dead tree out of the house-- so as to prevent any house fires. The day after Christmas it was out the door, trailing a thick layer of dry pine needles. Thanks for the tips from everyone, although I am not sure the mystery was totally solved. I think it was just a crumby tree to begin with. And, don't worry, we definitely did cut the bottom of the trunk before putting it in the stand. There is no stopping a man with an electric saw.

This is our holiday fail blog post. We have a dead tree out on the front lawn, a very timely removal. But, there are still three perfectly fresh pumpkins sitting on our front porch. Now, these pumpkins are the same pumpkins we got at the Springville patch... in early October. We never got around to carving them, so they doubled as Thanksgiving decor. And then, when Christmas rolled around and they still had not been rolled off the front porch--that's when it got embarrassing. I think I get it from my Dad. One time, he left his artificial tree up for quite awhile. (Who really actually likes taking the tree down?) Well, it was pretty funny when it became the Valentine's Day tree, and the St. Patrick's Day tree. But when May came around, we thought, "Well, now that is just silly. Who ever heard of a Mother's Day tree?" Luckily, it gave us the motivation to finally take it down.

But now, I have a dead Christmas tree on my lawn and three Halloween pumpkins on my porch. I'm hoping that this public humiliation will give me the motivation to get rid of them. Or, maybe we will just leave them for the next tenants...

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  1. That's funny about the pumpkins. The first time we bought pumpkins for the house they rotted into a smelly puddle in less than a week. I never bought another. Here is the post about the Mother's Day tree...ha ha.