the great christmas tree mystery.


Our tree is dead. We bought it the weekend after Thanksgiving, and it promptly decided to die. We have been pumping water into it like crazy, but it is now completely dead. Last weekend, I thought that I may have neglected to nourish it, but it turns out Sam had taken care of it. It is just not sucking up water! It's not even Christmas yet, and it it already crackles alarmingly. If I were to light a match nearby, I think the whole room would go up in flames. On Saturday, Sam and I stopped by the Beehive Bazaar, and left with a couple of new ornaments for the tree. But, I couldn't even hang them from a branch without it disintegrating in my hands!

There is no mystery, I guess. It's pretty clear that Smith's probably cut their trees down weeks ago, and that it was already on its way out. The great mystery is that the discarded branches (that had been cut of the bottom) are still sitting on our porch as soft and fluffy as ever. Why are the dismembered branches still alive!?


  1. Goldie has been drinking the water out of the tree stand. Hee hee. Indoor heat kills those things and in reality setting it in water does little to prevent it. The branches outside are lovin' the cold air. Turn off the heat and sleep under a bunch of quilts next year.

  2. It's the same with cut flowers. You have to cut the bottom off before you put it in water. When the tree is cut the little plant cells are cut in half and they heal over like a cut on your arm would. If you don't cut the bottom, then the xylem stems are sealed shut and they wont suck up water. That's why the cut branches on your porch are fine, you cut the edges and they are still breathing. Sorry though, that's really sad.

  3. WE bought a tree a Smith's our first year of marriage! It totally died! But here's the thing, I insisted on a fresh cut, as lana said, and made Eric labor away with a hack saw to do one, and it still died! I think the trees travel too far! The lot next to Home Depot, in south provo, Fredericks I think, or something close, they are super. My Fraser (tree type) has hardly lost any needles and it's still looking perfect! I have had two or three trees from there and they all stay nice the whole season. So sad though! xo