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Provo, UT
teal maxi dress (coming soon!)

This is my friend Meg, from Pinker On My Side. We teamed up this week to present a little collaboration of sorts. When you are around Meg, you can't help but throw your head back and laugh every once awhile because she is such a ball of fire. And, she really knows how to pull together some great, original outfits. So, I thought it might be fun to play dress up, and show how vintage pieces can be styled in a modern way. I get the feeling that many women (and men) are afraid to wear classic pieces because they are afraid to look frump or old-fashioned. But, thats just the thing. They are classic for a reason. And, they don't need to look moth-ball vintage. That's why I enjoyed my little photo shoot with Meg so much. She has such a fun sense of style, and I was so happy to see her experimenting with some of my favorite pieces. You can find more photos from this shoot on our Facebook page. We have been lacking on the photo submissions lately. We really would love to see some! If you have any photos of "how you wore it," send them to

Also, head over to Meg's blog today because we are offering a giveaway and exclusive discount code! You can add an additional entry by following us on Pinterest and pinning your favorite item. If you don't have a Pinterest account yet, where have you been? Just kidding. But, it really is so much fun, and will provide hours of procrastination from whatever you choose. It has actually been one of the most fun parts of managing the shop for me. I pin new inventory and sales as they are announced. But, I also pin daily street style finds, and vintage fashion photos. It helps us to stay on top of our game while we are scouring for the shop, and it helps me to be more creative in my own closet.

We have also added a button that you can grab from our sidebar! It will link your readers directly to our shop. It was so nice of a few of you to request this, and we would be so grateful for any support. Thanks, friends!

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