christmas weekend.








We hope your Christmas weekend was beautiful! Sam and I stayed in Utah this year, and spent Christmas with the Grays. It was so much fun learning all of their Christmas traditions, and even fun waking up in our own home to open presents and dig through our makeshift "stockings" (aka rubber boots). It makes me realize how much I am going to miss Utah, and having so much family close by. It also made me realize how much I miss my own family! We had a little iChat time, though, and it really made my day.

Friday night we stayed up all night with our friends at the Williams', potlucking, opening white elephants, and attempting to learn all of Robyn's dance in Call Your Girlfriend. On Christmas Eve, we made pizzas with the family. Sam and I tried to recreate our favorite goat cheese and bacon pizza from Escalante Outfitters, and came pretty close to the real thing. And, on Christmas Day we went to church, ate a huge turkey dinner, and lay around lazily all afternoon. It was such a relaxing weekend, and a perfect time to be reminded of the birth of our Savior. With the upcoming move, we really feel so overwhelmed with gratitude. We love you all--Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays!

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  1. Love your red lippy. And LOVE you. Merry Christmas to the cutest couple I know.