Yes, we know it's ridiculous. But, we found this little sweater in the dollar bin at Target and just had to see what would happen if we shoved it over Goldie's little body. He allowed it for about a half hour, and even let us take him around the block, before he began to chew away at the little turtleneck. It was a little too small for him anyway because Sam and I had a little argument at Target while trying to estimate the length of Goldie's torso. I know it's ridiculous, but he looks so funny! I think that Sam and I get a lot of laughs at Goldie's expense. Our new favorite game is to throw him up in the air and watch his little body freak out midair. But, he's so happy and giddy that he's getting attention that I have a feeling he doesn't care.

I have definitely been one to make fun of those who treat their dogs like children. But, I sort of get it now. At Thanksgiving dinner, Kelsey and I found ourselves exchanging "parenting" stories. For example, Nola gets upset when Jesse and Kelsey close doors (like the bathroom door) because she is afraid that they are not really on the other side. And, Goldie completely freaks out whenever a door is closed. In fact, if you put anything between you and Goldie he will find a way to get right up next to you no matter what. He has to literally be in physical contact with you at all times. Sometimes, I feel the need to linger in the kitchen next to his dog dish just so that he will eat food. Because, if I leave the kitchen I know he will follow me and he may never slip away to find nourishment.

But, here's the deal: I love it. I looooove it. I love Goldie so much I can't stand it. I think that Sam resents the fact that I love Goldie so much. It might have something to do with the fact that my nicknames for Sam and Goldie have become slightly interchangeable. Goldie's just so darn needy, and I think that something inside of me is totally ok with that. He needs me! It makes me so happy when Sam lets him in and he jingles all over the house madly until he finds me and circles my legs ten times. I wonder if this is what it feels like to be a parent? I also sort of worry about what kind of parent I will be. Sometimes I am a little afraid that I might literally smother Goldie to death. Right now he is sleeping next to me on the couch with his little head resting on a pillow, and I have to really resist the urge to grab him and squeeze him really hard. The sad thing is, he's not even our dog. Oh, Goldie...


  1. Rox, that is HILARIOUS.

    And yes - that's exactly what it feels like to be a parent.

  2. I think he looks natty. No, that's not what it feels like to be a parent.