oh boy!

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Lisa has two little girls, and is expecting her first little man. Oh boy! This girl deserves a party, if only to pull tiny collared shirts out of gift bags, and get excited about onesies and swaddles that are not pink, pink, pink.

She told me that she was interested in decorating her nursery with a few different animals, one of them being foxes- so I ran with it. I put together this board of foxy, woodsy themed ideas. Luckily, I save things, which should be a testament to Sam that it's good for me to have drawers full of party supplies. I totally re-use them! These garlands were from Whitney's shower, two years ago. 

I also hand-painted the signs, modeling the fox after this little guy. Sam and I already had a whole pile of this aspen wood, and I gathered moss, pinecones, pine boughs, and other stumps from around the Bay Area over the past few weeks.

We had a great brunch spread, with plenty of cake donuts! Add in a couple of quiches, a salad, a beautiful fruit board, and some pretty addicting pumpkin donut holes- and you're set. I also let some apple cider simmer all morning, before putting it out on the buffet, to set the mood. For favors, I made these s'mores chocolate-dipped marshmallows which were surprisingly easy to make. And, little heart-shaped bird feeders all wrapped up in parchment with a sprig of wild flowers.

Lisa's mom came into town the night before, and gave me free-reign on this party. She was really sweet, and I'm glad I got to help out. I love parties. It gives me a reason to hoard bags of moss and pinecones, or clip pine boughs off the trees at the park, and not look totally crazy. 

We are so happy for you, Lisa! That little boy is going to have the cutest big sisters and a pretty awesome mom.