For Memorial Day, Sam and I felt like it would be fitting to head to the Hamptons- as they do in New York. Maggie and Myron are the best adventure pals. We spent all day exploring Long Island, and all of the Hamptons. We peeked through hedges at million dollar houses, snuck on to semi-private beaches, and bought $7 bowls of ice cream. I get why it's The Hamptons. It's absolutely beautiful, and one of the most peaceful places I have ever been. The water was way too cold to swim, but Sam still stripped down and jumped in. Crazy kid.

MyroMae, next stop--Mexico. Or, Europe. You pick.

How was your Memorial Weekend?

mrs. rodgers.


I have been all over the country the past couple of weeks. Immediately after my week in Texas, I headed out to Arizona to see one of my best friend's get married. Tricia and I went to school together- danced together for fours years- and I am completely obsessed with her. Whenever I need a pick-me-up I just need to be within a few feet of this crazy lady.

It was one of the best wedding weekends that I have ever been a part of it, especially as a bridesmaid. I didn't have to do much of anything except hang out with Tricia by the poolside and make sure she had a rockin' tan for the big day. Best weekend ever. We got our nails done, ushered in the swarm of bridesmaids, and partied all weekend. Doesn't she make a beautiful bride?

Tricia, I am over the moon happy for you and I know that Todd is one lucky guy. Love you!

blessing for lucy.








In my church, when a new baby is born they are given a blessing (similar to a christening.) The baby wears a little, white dress and is given a name and a blessing. Lucy had her blessing on the Mother's Day, which was very fitting. After the blessing, we had a little party to celebrate- made fajitas and hung out with the family.

It was so great being home again. A whole week of family time was just what the doctor ordered.

baby girl.







Last week I went home to Texas to be with my family. We hadn't all completely been together in a year- which is sad. All it took was accumulated Southwest Rewards points, and a baby girl to bring us together again.

I am in love. She is the most beautiful, sweet thing you will ever lay eyes on. And, that's not even the end of it. When you hold her she immediately curls up in a ball on your tummy and falls asleep for hours. I was in heaven. She makes the sweetest little noises- hiccups that shake her whole body, sighs that melt your heart, and little grunts that make us laugh.

We had a girls' night sleepover at my sister's, and spent the whole weekend dressing Lucy up, bathing her, and pushing her around the neighborhood. We made pizza and watched Netflix, and it felt like nothing had changed except for this cute little thing sleeping in my arms. My sister and her husband (and Lucy) have moved into the house that I grew up in. I hadn't been inside for about 8 years, and it brought back so many memories. My sisters and I used to have slumber parties all the time--even though we lived in the same house. We would call each other on opposite landlines and invite each other to the party. We would make forts in the living room, pop popcorn and watch Miss America. We would even wrap up used nail polish and hairclips to give as presents at the party. I love my sisters.

vernooy kill.




On the last day of our trip, we went on a hike in Vernooy Kill State Forest. It felt so good, let me tell you. We haven't been on any since our mini hike at Yellowstone last Fall- unless you count hiking the concrete jungle. But, I'm sad to report that we are out of shape in every sense of the word. Not only were we sweating a bit, but we have completely lost our sense of anything. It was supposed to be just a short hike up to some supposedly beautiful waterfalls. But, after what seemed like a long time we got worried that we went in the wrong direction, or that the baby waterfalls we saw further down were supposed to be it. So, by the time we turned around and realized how short of a walk it was back to the car we are pretty sure that we actually quit before we even got there. How lame is that? Not only that, but I refused to change out of my skirt and spent most of the time with it hiked up around my legs. I'm sure the locals were rolling their eyes at us.

So, we left with our heads down in shame. And, were embarrassed to report to Sam's boss (who gave us the hike recommendation) that we never actually made it to the falls.










As promised, more pictures from our trip. It's the first time that we have had the chance to pull out our camera in awhile, so we went a little overboard. I am intent on changing on that, though. I need to stop making excuses for not carrying around the camera more often, especially when I live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

So, we stayed in a huge cottage that we found on airbnb out in Hurley, NY. The cottage was located up a very steep little mountainside, and surrounded by new york forest and birds that you only ever see in Disney cartoons. It was crazy how big the house was, and we are already making plans for a huge weekend with friends because you could honestly fit 8 people comfortably. It was an old home, with additions built on, and two lofts. The man who owns it is a novelist/film and dance critic/traveler/opera enthusiast, with impeccable taste. I tried not to be too nosy, but I love snooping around a person's home to find out what they are like. The house also came with a cat named Mona, who I immediately grabbed on to and wouldn't let go for two days straight- and who Sam even warmed up to, even though he is slightly allergic.

We rented a car and drove all over the area window shopping, and sight-seeing. Sam even stopped to rip up a handful of wildflowers, that are currently still thriving in a vase in our backyard. And honestly, we spent half of the time driving through the country-side- fresh air, Willie Nelson, and an open road. That's what dreams are made of these days.

If you ever find yourself in the area:
1) Rosendale, NY- Not for any particular reason, except that it was the most random town that we rolled through all weekend. Really eclectic shops, and people sitting on lawn chairs on the sidewalk. And, since it just happened to be Cinco de Mayo, we crossed paths multiple times with a local parade dressed in ponchos and playing The Saints Come Marching In on brass.

2) Hudson, NY- A great day trip if you are looking for antique furniture. Beautiful stuff.

3) Cucina (Woodstock, NY)- An amazing contemporary Italian restaurant in this huge, old farmhouse. The food was amazing, and Sam was drooling over the decor all night.

anniversary weekend.





This last weekend Sam and I fled the city for a little quiet time in upstate NY to celebrate our anniversary. We stayed in a a beautiful cottage in Hurley, and spent the weekend exploring the countryside and swinging in the hammock on the property. It was so nice to pull ourselves out of everything and think about absolutely nothing. I feel like it's easy to lose focus of quality of life here in the city, and it was refreshing to run around barefoot in a linen skirt and play with Mona the cat. I think my favorite trips will always be our anniversary trips- it's like an annual honeymoon...

More pictures to come! Finally, nice enough weather to take the camera out in.

happy sam gray day.








Last week we had a little bar-b-q birthday party to celebrate Sam's birthday. I didn't so such a hot job of preparing for his actual birthday because I was working all weekend- so I decided to declare a "birthday week" to make up for it. One of his birthday presents was a grill, we bought used off Craigslist. Oh, happy day- grilling in your own little backyard garden on a beautiful day! Hamburgers and hotdogs, grilled vegetables, and Dr. Brown's.

It was kind of a tough morning, seeing as we planned on throwing the party at Prospect Park. We spent all morning hiking around the park trying to find the grills and picnic tables. Once we found them, we realized that there was no way we were going to fight off the crowds of Park Slope Mamas armed with tablecloths and mason jars of flowers, surrounded by screaming 5-year-olds in birthday hats. I tried to put my foot down because I promised Sam a party at the park, but when I turned around and saw him dragging that cart full of food and charcoal, with the balloons whipping around like mad, I felt like maybe we should just retreat home. We only live a block and a half from the park anyway- and it was so nice to have everyone over in our little backyard.

Thanks friends for joining us to celebrate, and for all our friends across the country who sent their love for Sammy Boy!

two years.


Today is our two year anniversary!

Love you, Sam Gray. You make me the happiest girl.