happy sam gray day.








Last week we had a little bar-b-q birthday party to celebrate Sam's birthday. I didn't so such a hot job of preparing for his actual birthday because I was working all weekend- so I decided to declare a "birthday week" to make up for it. One of his birthday presents was a grill, we bought used off Craigslist. Oh, happy day- grilling in your own little backyard garden on a beautiful day! Hamburgers and hotdogs, grilled vegetables, and Dr. Brown's.

It was kind of a tough morning, seeing as we planned on throwing the party at Prospect Park. We spent all morning hiking around the park trying to find the grills and picnic tables. Once we found them, we realized that there was no way we were going to fight off the crowds of Park Slope Mamas armed with tablecloths and mason jars of flowers, surrounded by screaming 5-year-olds in birthday hats. I tried to put my foot down because I promised Sam a party at the park, but when I turned around and saw him dragging that cart full of food and charcoal, with the balloons whipping around like mad, I felt like maybe we should just retreat home. We only live a block and a half from the park anyway- and it was so nice to have everyone over in our little backyard.

Thanks friends for joining us to celebrate, and for all our friends across the country who sent their love for Sammy Boy!

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