texas game day.




Ok, so it's been just a little crazy around here since we got back from our trip. I am a little embarrassed to say that we got back two weeks ago, not two days ago. Our luggage is still in a pile in the living room (unpacked at least). I swear our dishes keep multiplying like a monster when you cut its head off--I wash one dish and three more appear in its place. But, the weather in Utah is absolutely beautiful, and the trees are beginning to turn shades of red and orange on the mountains. Fall has always been the busiest time of year for me, but it is also one of the most fun. Usually, I am preparing for dance performances and competitions, studying for midterms, and heading up the canyon for bonfires with friends. This year I am rehearsing student dances for the Renaissance Festival at school, prepping for parent/teacher conferences, and still heading up to canyon with friends.

Back to Texas: These pictures were from our second day in Texas. This was the day that Sam had been talking about for months and months--the BYU-Texas football game. We met up with family for Mama's birthday party in Austin at my aunt and uncle's. We had good ol' Texas bar-b-q, and sat out in their beautiful backyard. All of Texas was dried up because of the drought, and it seemed like everyone had given up and let their yards go to hay. But, Uncle Homer's yard was gorgeous and green. I have always loved their yard, ever since I was little. In fact, especially when I was little--because everywhere you turn their are the most fantastical statues and pieces of art. You will find a larger than life "bird's nest," a gazing globe nestled in green ivy, pathways that wind all through the garden, and a huge colorful playhouse. I wish we had taken more pictures at their house, but they didn't really turn out.

We had lunch with the family, and played a game of Family Feud, before heading over to the game. I know it's old news, but BYU lost (sorry, Sam). We had third row seats, right in the middle of Texas season pass holders. Everyone was pretty nice though, and it was such a fun game. Sam and I left a little disappointed, but pretty impressed by the Texas spirit. Sam decided that if he wasn't a BYU fan, he would definitely be a Texas fan.







On our first full day in Texas, Sam and I went to Gruene with my Daddy. I grew up going to a lot of these surrounding hill country towns on weekends, like Gruene and New Braunfels and Fredericksburg. The family would pack in the van and take a day trip, sometimes loaded with a little cooler of orange soda and sandwiches. If we were lucky, we got to have lunch at a german restaurant or a pit bar-b-q joint. We would spend the day browsing antique stores, and we might even leave with a little "penny" candy.

If you ever find yourself in Gruene (or in the area):

1) Gruene Hall- is Texas' oldest dance hall. We stopped in for a root beer (yeah, we totally looked like zoobies). You will see everything from young girls in cowboy boots all ready for the band to start playing, to old couples who stand in the exact same spot by the bar and won't even move over when you try to walk by. The floors are so completely worn down, that there are ridges where the harder parts of the wood have taken longer to smooth out. The thick slab tables have no spare inch of carvings, and the windows are covered in chicken wire. The stage has big, aluminum industrial lights, and a hand-painted backdrop of a hill country landscape. It is just so completely Texas.

2) Antique store- I can't remember the name of the store, but you won't miss it. It's right on the corner next to the Hall, and it's BIG. I ran my hand over every little thing, and calculated in my head how much of a hassle it would be to pack all of this pretty Pyrex into my luggage for the flight home. (I had to pass). Sam almost bought a great pair of cufflinks that had working compasses on them.

3) Cooper's or Rudy's- Both places are great, although I prefer Rudy's. But, we wanted to try something new this time we took a chance with Cooper's. They are both pit bar-b-q joints, where they cut you a slab of meat and throw it onto a piece of wax paper, which serves as a plate. Grab a bowl of pinto beans, and cobbler for dessert. It's about the same at any pit bar-b-q, until you get to the sauce. That's where the test is.

I can't take a trip to Texas without seeing a little of the hill country.
If you ever want suggestions for other towns in that area, let me know!

baby lu.


When we arrived in Texas, we were greeted with this little sign!

My big sister is prego, and I'm going to be an aunt! Apparently, my parents knew but had been sworn to secrecy until we came to visit so that they could tell us in person. And apparently, they were not too happy about having to keep their mouths shut. I am so excited, and I can't wait until her Easter due date. We have nicknamed the baby "Baby Lu," (from their last name Luong).

Desi and Wilson are going to be amazing parents. I have always looked up to them both, and they are such great examples to us. I can't wait until we all have little cousins running around the yard.

willie nelson.


The other week we finally got to see one of my favorite musicians, Willie Nelson! This has been on my to do list for a while now and was well worth the wait. Willie did not disappoint. The show was at the newly remodeled Gallivan Center in Salt Lake, it was the perfect outdoor setting. To be honest, I was a bit apprehensive about the show, I was so excited about it that I didn't want to build it up only to be disappointed. Luckily Willie delivered. I knew every song he played and he only got better as the night went along. Above is my favorite song of the night, It's a medley of Funny How Time Slips Away, Crazy, and Nightlife. I could have been happy with just that. I fell in love with Willie Nelson after listening to the VH1 Storytellers album he did with Johnny Cash. It's one of my top 10 albums of all time and makes me happy every time I listen to it.

labor day weekend.




(Is it too late to tell you about our Labor Day weekend?)

Labor Day weekend was all about the Grays. It was the first time since school let out in April that (almost) all of the Grays were back together. We all usually live pretty close, except for when everyone scatters for a few months for summer sales and internships. The family went on a hike to Stewart Falls, had a bbq at Grandma's, and went swimming at the community pool. It was a perfect Labor Day weekend. We were all so happy to have everyone back in town, but I must say that I think the stars of the show were Goldie and Nola. They were inseparable. Nola loved to hold on to Goldie's extendable leash. They would trot all over the yard, and you were never quite sure who was walking who.

Sam and I have been a little absent on the blog and in the shop, but for good reason. We just had the "best week ever," as Sam calls it. Get ready for us to dump quite a few pictures on you!

how she wore it.




Provo, Utah

Say hello to Miss Kyna Taylor. She happens to be a very good friend of mine. She's wearing our blue cotton summer dress from the shop! It was a part of our end-of-summer sale. (Did you know that we are having a sale?) And, I think she looks great in it. I love the summer blue with her complexion and hair color, and I think the shoes and earrings tie the whole look beautifully.

And, I am loving how her hair is twisted in such a romantic and carefree way. I have recently discovered that my hair can actually do this too, and so it's been permanently pinned up for the past couple of weeks. It is perfect for when your hair is especially dirty and you still don't feel like washing it that day (Gross, I know. But, I have no shame when it comes to washing my hair.) And, it's great for dance or the gym because it stays put. I mean, how many hairstyles do you know that look exponentially better the more dirty your hair gets?

If you have photos, please send them to us! You can email them to roxandsamvintage@gmail.com. We look forward to seeing them! And, if you want to see more of "how they wore it," click the category on the sidebar.



Look who's back! Goldie is having another extended visit at the Grays' right now. He is so crazy cute, but such a pill sometimes. He runs all over the place and somehow always finds himself on your lap or in your armpit. He is the biggest attention hog. But, you can't help but love him--especially when you pop him in the car and he sticks his head out the window and smiles. He's taken a few trips to Springville this week, and has acquired quite a few loving fans.

I've started teaching this week, and I absolutely love it. The kids are so great, and so well-behaved. I feel spoiled! It's refreshing how excited and motivated they are to learn. Other than that, Sam and I are just trying to work some snags out. For some reason, certain plans in our life (like finding a car for me to drive) are just not working out. And I mean, laughingly ridiculous. How many things can go wrong, right?! Well, it's been a couple of weeks into the car-hunting adventure, and I am still getting left at the "drop-off" before school everyday with the other kiddies. It's a good thing I have such an understanding husband. So, if you have any good (cheap) leads, let us know. Or, if you can let us in on the big secret--the reason as to why we are apparently not supposed to find a car right now--please let us know. I am so impatient. I wish I knew everything. But then, where would the surprise be?