how she wore it.




Provo, Utah

Say hello to Miss Kyna Taylor. She happens to be a very good friend of mine. She's wearing our blue cotton summer dress from the shop! It was a part of our end-of-summer sale. (Did you know that we are having a sale?) And, I think she looks great in it. I love the summer blue with her complexion and hair color, and I think the shoes and earrings tie the whole look beautifully.

And, I am loving how her hair is twisted in such a romantic and carefree way. I have recently discovered that my hair can actually do this too, and so it's been permanently pinned up for the past couple of weeks. It is perfect for when your hair is especially dirty and you still don't feel like washing it that day (Gross, I know. But, I have no shame when it comes to washing my hair.) And, it's great for dance or the gym because it stays put. I mean, how many hairstyles do you know that look exponentially better the more dirty your hair gets?

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  1. Thanks, Rox (and commenters!) I think the best part of this day was finding out that my lazy-day hairstyle is actually cute... now to convince myself to do something OTHER than pin it up. :)