baby lu.


When we arrived in Texas, we were greeted with this little sign!

My big sister is prego, and I'm going to be an aunt! Apparently, my parents knew but had been sworn to secrecy until we came to visit so that they could tell us in person. And apparently, they were not too happy about having to keep their mouths shut. I am so excited, and I can't wait until her Easter due date. We have nicknamed the baby "Baby Lu," (from their last name Luong).

Desi and Wilson are going to be amazing parents. I have always looked up to them both, and they are such great examples to us. I can't wait until we all have little cousins running around the yard.


  1. oh! so great!
    and I can't wait til we all have little ones running around the english countryside! actually, I can wait, but it will be lovely when it happens.