labor day weekend.




(Is it too late to tell you about our Labor Day weekend?)

Labor Day weekend was all about the Grays. It was the first time since school let out in April that (almost) all of the Grays were back together. We all usually live pretty close, except for when everyone scatters for a few months for summer sales and internships. The family went on a hike to Stewart Falls, had a bbq at Grandma's, and went swimming at the community pool. It was a perfect Labor Day weekend. We were all so happy to have everyone back in town, but I must say that I think the stars of the show were Goldie and Nola. They were inseparable. Nola loved to hold on to Goldie's extendable leash. They would trot all over the yard, and you were never quite sure who was walking who.

Sam and I have been a little absent on the blog and in the shop, but for good reason. We just had the "best week ever," as Sam calls it. Get ready for us to dump quite a few pictures on you!

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