stoop books.



In Brooklyn, when you don't want something, you usually drag it out to the curb and assume that someone else will take it away. All you have to do is shop around the neighborhood, and learn to be really good at distinguishing trash from treasure. Keep away from furniture that may carry bed bugs, anything that smells, or might be missing parts and pieces. The best day is usually Saturday, because it is garbage pick-up and the streets are dotted with stoop sales.

And almost every day you can find books lined up between the stone pillars on the stoops in Park Slope- like a street level library. When people de-clutter their bookshelves, they leave them outside for the taking. And almost every day Sam comes home with another book in his hand. I must say, they are good finds. But, we really are running out of shelf space...

deep sea.




Last weekend we went deep sea fishing. Sam caught a shark- and we ate it for Sunday dinner. That's the end of that one. Now, someone please kick me from behind and tell me to start blogging again, eh?