new york city.

So, ladies and gentlemen, we have arrived in the big city. I am sitting in the cutest sublet in Hamilton Heights trying to decide where I can possibly start to explain this past week. For starters, we packed up our home in Utah and drove it across the country in a big, lumbering Penske truck. After the first day of driving, Sam decided that he was not ever going to hand over the wheel (and, I was perfectly fine with that). There were many tears and hard hugs in Utah, and many more tears to come as we pulled away. I really won't even mention our farewell to Goldie, because it was just about the most difficult thing I have ever had to do. Sam and I had been so excited and caught up in all the packing and planning, that the emotions involved in "leaving" completely took me by surprise. I felt like someone pulled the rug out from under me.

We rolled our way across the country in a truck that pulled to the right and cost us so much extra in tolls. We stopped in Madison to see family, and recharge. And then, yes we made it to the city! This photo was my first view from the George Washington Bridge. I have only been to NYC once when I was 10, for a school field trip. So, I honestly don't remember anything except that I had a blast and I went home with a foam Lady Liberty crown.

The past few days have been completely beautiful and utterly exhausting. It's the little things that make me slightly squeal and think to myself, "Wow, we're really doing this." Picking up chinese take-out around the corner after a long day of unpacking, watching a young smiling accordionist and his daughter playing on the subway, running my hands along the beautiful things in SoHo, and hauling groceries across Manhattan in brown paper bags. At the end of the day, I feel like passing out at 7 o'clock at night, completely exhausted by all the excitement. Somebody pinch me. This is it.

I promise I won't sound like a crazy tourist forever. But, give me a little time to word vomit about the little things. I'm excited to become a New Yorker, but right now I am just loving being a newbie. By the way, I've got the shop open again. And (lucky you) we're offering a 10% discount in honor of our relocation! Just use the code "NYC2012" at checkout.

last day.



Yesterday was both of our last days at work. We are so grateful for the opportunities that we came across the past couple of years. Working at Vivint has been one big party for Sam--he got to do so many cool projects, and hang out with some of his closest friends every day. And, teaching at Meridian was the best thing that could have happened to me these past few months. I made some very close friends, and was inspired by some pretty amazing kids all day.

On our last day, we both came home with arms full of gifts and notes. Thank you for not making this move any easier, guys. We love you all!


sam jump

Sam and Rox- graduation2

fern canyon 4








Starting the new year has made me realize how amazing 2011 really was. Sam and I really made it a point to take advantage of our last year in Utah. We didn't know for sure, but we felt a move on the horizon and didn't want to miss out. I think that moves can be really hard on a couple, and I have loved looking through these photos and being reminded that once we get packed, find a place to live, and move across the country--our lives will slow down again, and we won't have to move again for a long time. Right? Yes, the light at the end of the tunnel.

I think 2011 was pretty darn amazing. It will be hard to top!

spending the holidays in Texas.
the year of the beard.
Vivint re-brand launched.
Zion National Park for President's Day weekend.
Rox graduated from BYU.
celebrating our one year anniversary in Northern California.
Coyote Gulch and slot canyons with the Lifferths.
Sam wins the AIGA Copper Ingot.
Capitol Reef with the Pinegers.
our first summer garden.
4th of July in Provo.
getting good use out of our new tent.
a mid-September trip to Texas.
the perfect job at Meridian School.
Gray brother bonding time.
Goldie joins our family.
Marty and Betty for Halloween (and Bellatrix, too).
Fall Break trip to Wyoming.
the first DeBord sister baby announced.
my best friend's wedding.
spending the holidays in Utah.
announcing our big move to NYC!

happy new year!

Our last New Year's Eve in Utah was just perfect. We got all dressed up, had steak dinners at Texas Roadhouse with Bobby and Emily, and partied at Grandma Chuckie's all night. We always joke that New Year's Eve always seems a colossal disappointment, but this really was just so great. We played games that involved crazy full-body physical involvement, watched the ball drop, kissed at midnight, and then ran around with the kids making as much noise as we could. The canyon air was a-blowing, the little girls clashed pots and pans, Sam blared some old trumpet, and fireworks bloomed above the treetops. After about five minutes of ruckus, we quickly blew up Sam's stocking stuffer fireworks and then all ran into the house to get out of the biting cold. There's nothing like a wild rumpus to get the new year started right. We hope that you all had a wonderful weekend, and that you are just as excited about your 2012 adventures!

So, I've been thinking a lot about my new year's goals. We have a few necessary ones: becoming legitimate penny-pinchers (we've been spoiled by Provo). And, a few long-time coming: create a sleep schedule and keep with it (Sam and I are opposite sleepers, I am an early-bird and he is a night-owl). And, the usual: get in shape, cook healthy meals, get priorities straight. But, I've also been thinking about how I want to read more, write daily, and dance. I miss all of those things that I thought would be easier when I graduated, but discovered were so much easier when they were a part of my four-year plan. What are your new year's goals?

By the way, thank you so much for those who re-posted about Goldie. It means a lot to us. We are still looking for a home for Goldie, so please pass on the word to anyone you know may be interested!



A loving home for Goldie.

So, (rip my heart out), we have to find a home for Goldie before we move. His real owner is living in a nursing home now, and we just can't take him to NY with us. Trust me, I would if I could. If I was a selfish person, I would totally pack him up and shove him into our tiny apartment. But, it just wouldn't be fair to him. So, we are on the search for a loving family to take him in. He really needs some space and attention. I would preferably love to give him to a nice family with a yard, and at least one person who stays at home during the days. He would be a great family dog. He is such a sweet and loving dog, and he loves to cuddle and play. So, let me know if you are interested or know anyone that may be interested. We only have a little over a week to get him settled in his new home, so act fast! But not too fast, because I am not ready for the blubbering that will occur when I have to leave him.

Reasons why you should love Goldie:
1. He is soft and cuddly.
2. He has one floppy ear, and looks like a fox.
3. He waits for you by the gate until you come home.
4. He has a girl name, but he's a boy.
5. He can fit in your bicycle basket.
6. He looks really funny when he runs, or when you throw him in the air.
7. He's loyal, he never leaves your side.
8. He is never mean, and doesn't bite. (Actually, he's kind of a wimp.)
9. He can clean out a can of food in 2.2 seconds.
10. He's the cutest dog ever.

And now, here are a few more adorable pictures that will make you come running:




And, here come the waterworks...

UPDATE: We have found Goldie a home! We will tell you more about them later, but for now we are just trying to enjoy these last few days with our little fox dog...