graduation day.

I am a lucky girl. This weekend I had my entire family sleeping under one roof! Everyone was spread out between one bed, two air mattresses, and a sectional couch for a weekend slumber party at our little home in Provo. It was the best weekend I could imagine. Mama, the sisters, Wilson, and Daddy were all in town to celebrate my graduation from BYU.

My convocation was at 8:00 am. (!) It was a beautiful program. The Dance Department is a part of the College of Fine Arts and so our convocation had a couple of musical and vocal performances, as well as spoken word. From my seat on the stage, I could see my family and the Grays all lined up across the second row of the balcony. It felt great to walk across that stage.












Thank you for all of the kind gifts and "congratulations!" It felt like my birthday.. but better. I will tell you all about the weekend a bit later.

Thank you for helping me these past five years. I have made the best friends and mentors, and I have had my family by my side. It is crazy to think that I will not be signing up for classes next semester, or preparing for another BYU performance. I am so grateful for the experience and education that I have received, and I am going to miss this school. It did feel great to finally walk across that stage--and I am so proud of myself.


  1. Congratulations Roxanne! It feel so good to be graduated, doesn't it?!?!

    These pictures are all amazing, who ever took them must have a nice camera!

  2. Love your blog "RoxSam"! I'm still laughing at the Debord family photo that some how I thought i needed to be in. I know it's not on the blog. but it makes me laugh when i see it on facebook.