sisters, sisters...

(turn off the sound first, it's a little irritating.)

This is one of the greatest things to finally come out of those ridiculously expensive photo booths in the mall. The booth took two dollar bills before we realized that we didn't have enough. I also swiped my debit card to be charged $5 on top of the $2 it already had eaten. After the photo session, the machine spits out two matching photo strips that look like they have been printed off of my own Epson printer a few days before the ink cartridge ran out. But, when you take a little code and enter it online you get this great video of us posing for the pictures. It's so awkward, I love it.

The past couple of days were the greatest. It was so fun to go on such a spontaneous trip without having to worry about classes or work or anything. I love just floating around in this honeymoon phase between school and real world--and, I am in no hurry to snap out of it.

And, did I mention that Desi took me to see Billy Elliot, The Musical? (!) Think 1980s Britain + tap dancing coal miners + cute kids in tutus that curse like sailors. It was such a great show. Desi and I both decided that we loved Michael's character, especially in the "Expressing Yourself" scene. This little ten year old boy is dressed up in his sisters ruffled, pink skirt while giant dresses on hangers are tap dancing around him. It really was such a great show.

The rest of the trip consisted of some great food, an amazing hair appointment (more details later), and a mile long hike through Arizona Mills Mall with Danielle which resulted in the above video.

And, two days later I am back home in Utah like it was all a happy dream. Thank you sisters!

Ps. I'm going to throw these shout outs mostly because Sam and I are huge fans of finding local eats. If you are ever in the area, get lunch at Joe's Real Bar-B-Q in Gilbert. Try the chopped brisket sandwich and mac-n-cheese. They even make their own root beer! Or, try dinner at Oregano's in Tempe. They have huge portions, so Danielle and I split a pasta dinner and my very first pizookie.


  1. It says "this video is private". :-(

  2. funny.....with the video we get to see y'all smiling between the goofy faces....ha ha