one year.





Today is our one-year anniversary. I am sitting here trying to figure out how it is possible that I love my husband more now than I did on my wedding day when I thought I would explode from happiness. I can’t explain what it feels like to know that you will always have this one person by your side, no matter what. It’s beyond happiness, beyond joy—something called love, I guess.

This year has been so beautiful, and I am grateful that I have chosen a companion that makes it so easy. Sam has surprised me in so many ways, and yet I knew it along. Everyone always asks me, “How did you know?” I just knew. They always laugh and say that it’s just because we are perfect for each other—and, I know it’s true.

So, here's to so many more happy years. I love you, Sam Gray.

(photo credit: Alpha Smoot)


  1. My heart is bursting and my eyes are full of tears of happiness for you.

    Thank you, Sam.