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Trinidad is a little town perched on the edge of a bluff overlooking Trinidad Bay. It was a perfect place to relax and celebrate our anniversary (observed). I would love to retire there. (Sam and I have a long list of our favorite small towns that we want to retire to. Sometimes I feel like I am 23, going on 83.) Trinidad Bay looks like a bright, happy version of the pirate cove that Captain Hook takes Tiger Lily to. There is a perfect, little red and white lighthouse on the edge of the bluff, and empty fishing boats bobbing in the water. The boats remind me of sunflowers because every time you look out the window they are slowly pointing in a different direction, following the ocean current in complete unison. When we first arrived in Trinidad, a small crowd was forming across the street from our bed and breakfast, peering through binoculars at a family of grey whales circling the harbor.

The next morning we walked down the bluffs to see the sea lions sunbathing on the rocks and slipping into the water to cool off. We also hiked along the beach and poked around in the tide pools. It was a rare minus tide, so the bases of the tall monolith rocks revealed a blanket of fat, fleshy starfish and sea anemones. We climbed along the rocks and the large stretch of wet sand, occasionally joined by dogs on leashes bounding along beside us. There is a sweet, salty fish smell that grows stronger the closer you get to the pier at the harbor. Wooden crates with rope handles encrusted in salt and sea are stacked along the pier. The town is quiet and comfortable, and watching the traffic to and from the harbor is entertainment enough.

If you ever find yourself in Trinidad, California:
1. Trinidad Bay B&B- A bright, red bed and breakfast owned by a man named Jason, a photographer from the area. Each room has a theme and an unbelievable view of the harbor from every window. For breakfast, we had the most delicious baked apple and eggs, and a delightful conversation with a lovely silver-haired woman from Oregon, named Valentine.

2. Moonstone Grill- It was our anniversary splurge, and completely worth it. From our table we could see Moonstone Beach spread out in one direction, and the sun setting over the ocean in the other. Get a cup of their seafood chowder-- soup so rich you might fall into a dreamy slumber right there in your seat. Sam had crab and halibut, and I had lightly-breaded abalone over vermicelli. It really was just dreamy.

3. Aztec Grill- Located in the corner of the Chevron gas station--we went there after we drooled over a burrito some guy was eating as he overlooked the harbor. "The best burrito you will ever get from a gas station," he said.

This is only the third post in our series about our trip to northern California-- so keep posted!


  1. man these pics are killing me! someday I'll have a nice camera...

  2. such beautiful pictures and a good photographer! LOVE it.