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Gold Bluffs Rox

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Gold Bluffs

Gold Bluffs Beach Dinner Rox

Gold Bluffs Beach Dinner Sam

Gold Bluffs Beach Dinner Rox2

If you stand on the beach at just the right time of day, you can see why they call them the Gold Bluffs. In the evening, the sun hits them just right and they practically glow. We set up camp there one night, only with the intent to find a campsite close to Fern Canyon for a long anticipated hike the next day. But, we fell into a bit of luck when we realized what a beautiful spot it was. The camp sites are nestled between sand dunes covered in sea grass and some sort of flower that reminded me of foxgloves.

Sam and I got so excited we dragged our little table out onto the beach to have dinner--lemonade, crackers, cheese, pears, and summer sausage--and watched the sun go down. When it got chilly, we decided to head back to the fire. I convinced Sam that we could just carry the table covered with food as is and, of course, it tipped and dumped our dinner on to the sand. I don't think Sam thought it was very funny, but I couldn't stop laughing. As a peace offering, I took the time to rinse the sand off of all the cheese and presented it to him on a paper plate.

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  1. you guys are the grandest of bloggers. or maybe you live the grandest of lives. or both. the photo of rox at the table is my favee. come visit us.