Sam and I have been sick. Our house is a mess, and I have eaten nothing but soup and smoothies for the past few days. But, I love soup and smoothies so I am fairly happy. We buy the big bags of frozen fruit from Costco, and we have all but finished off whatever is in the freezer by now. My favorite right now is the Festival Blend bag that has chunks of frozen pineapple, papaya, mango, and strawberries. Throw a handful of those in the Magic Bullet, add a cutie orange, spinach, and some orange juice and you have a smoothie.

We ended up postponing our anniversary trip until after we are both feeling better. For dinner yesterday, Sam made the most beautiful and delicious steak dinner. He is getting so good at using that grill, the steaks were pink perfection. We spent the rest of our anniversary cuddled on the couch, surrounded by tissues, watching Pushing Daisies on Netflix. It was kind of pathetic, but we loved it.

Speaking of pathetic, I spent the rest of the weekend reading the entire Hunger Games trilogy in practically one sitting. I know I'm a little behind, but I tend to view most hugely popular book series with a very wary eye. But, I LOVED them. Ask Sam. I was glued. At the end of each book I would have a mild panic attack until I could get my hands on the next one. I was very impressed by the imaginative, unique characters and world that Suzanne Collins built in the Hunger Games. I highly recommend them. It also made me excited to start my sumer book list. Do you have any recommendations?

Feel free to stop by and say hello! Call me first though, so I can put some clothes on and scoop up the piles of tissues...


  1. I've been putting off the hunger games too for pretty much the same reason, but I've been thinking this is the summer. I just started devil in the white city, which my mom loved, and I think you may enjoy.

  2. Yes, read them. I have the first one if you want to borrow it. Thanks for the recommendations, too. You should stop by and see me today!

  3. aside from the sickness, that weekend sounds as near to perfection as i can imagine. oh, to have a show like Pushing Daisies to watch or a series like HG to read…  :) get well soon. miss you guys.

  4. Hi. This is Claire.
    I just wanted to stop in and say that your blog is lovely; pictures, words, layout, the whole bit. You're fantastic!
    Also, imagine my mild panic attack when I finished the first Hunger Games book only in time for fall semester to begin and cram my reading life with assigned texts! I'm glad you loved them though! I'll have to come back and finish them out.
    Hope you feel better soon :)

  5. Never heard of Hunger Games! Will have to look into it!

    PS, Jack and I want to come see you!!!

  6. Love the blog! I have been trying to convince myself to do one but we will see. I haven't read the hunger games probably because my little brother bugs me to read it. I will add it to my list! I would definitely recommend water for elephants if you haven't read it already. I also recently loved The Help. I am currently enjoying The last report on the miracles at little no horse. And my favorite read from last year was Possessing the Secret of Joy. :-)