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I have completed almost all of my Christmas shopping already, which is a huge deal. But, just in case you were still looking for ideas, I wanted to share some pretty amazing work that some of my friends are doing. (I've also had the pleasure to contribute a few photos of little E to a couple of these endeavors.) I am constantly inspired by the talented people in my life. Enjoy!

1. Ike Studio- My good friend, Ashley Isenhour, is a bundle of pretty, little talents. She creates beautiful things, and is currently doing some great work with The House That Lars Built. Her most recent projects are these cute porcelain barrettes (and earrings) that she makes with her own personal kiln. They are hand-painted, watercolored, and gold/silver leafed. She will be selling these and all of her fun prints at the Beehive Bazaar next weekend, and plans on slowly filling her Etsy shop, as well!


2. Tubby Todd- Andrea Williams constantly amazes me. I mean, she has two kids, just published a book, and recently launched Tubby Todd Bath Co. a few months ago. Tubby Todd has blown up in the mommy world! I have loved watching her gather new followers, and can't help but smile at all of those tubby photos filling her hashtag and feed on Instagram. And, seriously, this soap is pretty great. Eliza loves it because it's super sudsy and smells amazing. I love it because it is all-natural and gentle on her skin. You can find it here!


3. StarrChild Vintage- Speaking of people who constantly amaze me- my mom always has her talented hands in one thing or another. She is an outstanding seamstress, and has been working on building up StarrChild Vintage for the last year. StarrChild is her Etsy shop where she curates  a perfectly darling collection of vintage children's clothes. She has always had an eye for vintage, especially after teaching fashion and costume design for decades, and is an expert estate shopper. So, she finds the most beautiful pieces. These could be perfect for holiday outfits, eh?


4. A DesiLu Production- Like mother, like daughter- these are my sister's creations! My mom taught us all to sew, but so far Desi seems like the only sister to have the patience and talent to use it. These bibs are so cute, and would be perfect for the little gentlemen in your life. I love the patterns she picks. She also sells bow ties!


5. 465 Ravens- I grew up watching my dad work in his wood shop out on the garage. I used to love to sit on the stool, and watch the wood shavings collect in a pile on the cement, while he carved out something beautiful on his lathe. Awhile ago, he started an Etsy shop selling some of his goods, including pens, wine stoppers, and coffee scoops. He uses mostly exotic woods, and they are just beautiful. His shop is on break right now, but he plans on re-opening after he starts into new projects, such as bowls, pepper mills, stools, and benches!


6. Mermade Market- My friend, Elise, is an amazing photographer. She took our engagements back in the day, and has a beautiful Instagram feed full of photos of her beautiful, California family. Last year she launched the first annual Mermade Market, down in Dana Point, CA. I was so impressed, because I am pretty positive that this is not an easy undertaking. But, I love that she is pulling together so many other talented, local individuals who are making great work, and giving them a space to showcase their goods. Elise and her husband have impeccable style and an eye for the beautiful, so the vendors they have chosen are spot on. If you're in the area, you should check it out! 


7. The Alison Show- The Faulkner sisters are busting with talent, and Alison is like a disco ball of crazy fun. If you haven't read her blog, you should check it out. I've always appreciated that she brings something new to the blog world, and that she gives no apologies for the way that she does it. Her goal is to have fun, and to make everyone feel great about themselves. She just recently released an online course on sugar cookie making- the perfect Christmas gift! These are my favorite cookies she's decorated- I mean, Anna Bond inspired cookies, how is this even possible??


8. Lisa Perry- Two of my good friends work for Lisa Perry in New York, and have taken it upon themselves to give Eliza the most amazing wardrobe. I mean, this girl now has way nicer stuff in her closet than I do. I love the colors, shapes, and silhouettes that Lisa uses in her collections, and the construction is perfection. So treat yo self, or someone you love!

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9. I Chart You- Our friends, Chris and Kimmy, created these super smart and well-designed genealogy charts. I love the modern take, and their selection of colors, and I love that it's super easy. They send you a form to fill out, and within a few days you get a digital copy of your chart. You can then print out as many you want, in any size! (And, who doesn't love a good FNL reference?)
10. Friends of Stella- My friend Emma just came out with this beautiful, little album. This girl can do anything. She can write a poem, arrange a bouquet, whip out a watercolor, and do all of this while singing a happy, little song. Emma and I became fast friends while traversing the English countryside during a study abroad a few years back. The music on this album reminds me of those times. You can buy it online- and I would suggest the digital download, because the bonus track is just magical.

So, there you go! Gift giving is one of my favorite things. So, I hope you can find some happy things to give here. Merry Christmas!