road trip.


Sam and I are finally heading off to California today! We will be gone for about a week, or whatever suits our fancy. We have been planning this trip for awhile, as a celebration of my graduation and our first anniversary. I use the word "planning" quite loosely: Sam marks a few destinations on a map, we pack up the CRV, and wing it. It's great.

We're covering northern California, mostly around Humboldt County. This is the area where Sam served his mission for our church, and it's the first time he has been back to visit. He's been sending me pictures of the redwoods and the coast for weeks now, and I am excited to finally see it all. We are also excited to try out our brand new Kelty tent. Sam had to do some convincing for me to let him buy it, but I have to admit, sealing our first year of marriage with the purchase of a two-man tent feels like the real deal.

We are so excited to get on the road, see you later!

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  1. I had no idea Sam served his mission up there! I'm from Redding, a couple hours south, but really close to there. The redwoods are amazing! You'll love it!