coyote gulch.















(Sorry about the picture quality. We were a bit wary about packing in the SLR, so I just brought my point and shoot.)

Sam and I spent the weekend at Coyote Gulch with our friends Scott and Karalee. It is one of the most beautiful places I have seen in southern Utah. It takes a bit of effort to get there, which lends itself to seclusion. But, since it was Memorial Day weekend, we made a few friends along the way. We dropped in at Moki Steps, and camped at Jacob Hamblin Arch. Our tents were set up in the bottom of a huge bowl of red rock with an overhang hundreds of feet above our heads. I still think that our camp spot was the most beautiful part of the entire gulch, although the Coyote Natural Bridge and Coyote Waterfall were right up there. It was warm and breezy, and our time in the gulch was surprisingly relaxing as we hiked around barefoot in the soft, red sand all day. We also took our fair share of breezy naps. It was perfect.

It was the Lifferth's first trip away from their boys, and so we joked that Sam and I tagged along on their second honeymoon. Karalee and I were first-timers, but I think we held our own. Although, I do admit it was a bit scary coming up and down Moki steps. I might have had a mild panic attack, but luckily I have a lovely husband to boost me up. There was one unfortunate incidence when some sort of squirrel-creature chewed its way into the Lifferth's tent, through two layers of tent and one layer of backpack, to get to a bag of trail mix. When we got back to camp we found multiple holes and a rather large pile of raisins. It seems the creatures are picky eaters. We have high hopes for Northface and Osprey's lifetime warrantees.

Biggest surprise: freeze-dried food. When we were preparing for the trip, I was absolutely certain that I was going to starve the whole weekend. But, the Mountain House dinners were crazy good. Our favorite was the lasagna. You should try it.

After we packed out of Coyote Gulch, we spent the last day hiking some nearby slot canyons. Expect more pictures from Peek-a-Boo and Spooky Canyons tomorrow!

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  1. Hello Roxanne! You have the most beautiful pictures on your blog! I just love looking at them. It looks like you are having a wonderful summer. Love, Becca