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One of my favorite things about menswear is the rich history behind it. There is a purpose and a story behind every weave, cut, and style. Much of it has evolved out of utility, most of which is no longer necessary but still lingers. For example, the name herringbone comes from a Herring fish. The weave of herringbone reflects that of the Herrings skeleton and was the initial inspiration for the design.

Featured here are some of my favorites. Two 3-button herringbone blazers (I wish they fit me.) The first, a 60's piece from Sears and the other from Harris Tweed. (Don't be distracted by the bad website, Harris Tweed is the premiere wool tweed supplier out of Scotland) The shoes are dead stock Portage Porto Ped from the 1950's—I was pretty stoked on this find. Unused shoes from the 50's are extremely rare and I love the subtle pebble grain finish. The cardigan is J.C. Penney Sportclad from the 40's. I have also been really into Scottish wool tartan ties lately and this is a great find.

If you haven't had a chance to enter the giveaway, take a quick look here!


  1. oh my! I love how you photography your goods! That tie shot is amazing.

  2. These aren't goods... they are greats.