capitol reef.















Last weekend, Sam and I spent a few days down in Capitol Reef
with the Pinegars! We were hoping to flash our National Parks Pass, but no one asked to see it. But, we were excited because none of us had much experience exploring the area before, so it was a big adventure. This is a pretty big deal, since Sam has almost every road and trail in southern Utah memorized by heart.

After spending a not-so-campy night at the Hale's ranch (thank you!), we went exploring in the area. We found some Native American ruins, and did some treasure hunting in the dirt. We also hiked Sulfur Creek, and took far too many pictures of Colin in his get-up. Lauren and Colin are so great, we love 'em.

...more pictures to come!

ps. Today is Lauren's birthday!


  1. I LOVED this post. But I wish I had hiked in that grey poncho that's in the shop. We had such a great time with you guys. Thank you for the Bday shout out! We love the DeBords!

  2. You're treading on thin ice, Pinegar. Happy birthday anyway.