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In Utah, every town has a different "days." This means that on any week of the summer you could attend a different town's celebration. I love how much tradition and pride goes into representing a
home town. Pleasant Grove has "Strawberry Days," Payson has "Onion Days," and Midway has "Swiss Days." Provo conveniently has "Freedom Days," which makes the 4th of July that much more fun. Sam grew up in Springville, where they celebrate "Art City Days." (Springville is known as the Art City because of the art museum.) Every "days" is one week long, and highlighted by parades, quilting contests, cooking contests, the big carnival, and just about anything else you can think of. Each city adds it's own touch, but each is visited by the same parade and the same carnival. It is so great. Sometimes I feel sorry for the teenage royalty who have to spend every weekend of the summer sitting in a strawberry or onion-shaped carriage to visit every town in Utah. But, they sure look happy enough. And I wish I could ride in a huge onion.

Last week was Art City Days, so Sam and I hit up the carnival on Saturday. We met with our sister-in-law, Kelsey, our little niece, Nola, and Sam's mom. There is something great about carnivals.. It's like a little bit of freak show, a little bit of wonderland, and a little bit of every kid's fantasy. We stood in line to get the famous scones, and sat under a canopy with the Lifferth's. I grew up in San Antonio, TX. As much as I miss my big city Fiesta and Battle of Flowers celebrations, it's great to be a part of small-town excitement. Art City Days may not be on any grand scale, but you just can't beat a warm afternoon of watching the kids playing with their neighbors, running into family friends, and eating the traditional scone while sitting in the shade at the high school parking lot.

It's the perfect way to celebrate summer.


  1. taylorsville dayzz: where its all. BEST fireworks around!

  2. looks like a whole lot of fun. :)

  3. ahh i miss the days celebrations. utah is best experienced in summer.