mona lake.





Guess what? Whitney Bush is in town! Whitney is my very good friend who moved back to Wisconsin when we graduated in April. We met on our study abroad in England, took a spontaneous trip to Italy, and even spent my last semester as a single lady as roommates.

Yesterday, I joined Whitney and a few friends at Mona Lake. The "lake," more like a pond, is over near Santaquin lined with rope swings and platforms. The water is every shade of blue, cool and perfect. There are people perched on branches and platforms, and loud cheers when a body goes flying through the air and splashes into the water. You hear "Ohhh," when someone belly flops, and"You can do it!" when someone doubtfully teeters on the edge. Unfortunately, I was too chicken to go for it, but I had still had fun. One day, one day.

I love Utah, because there is no shortage of fun things to do in the summer. And, I love having good friends in town.

Also, our shop was featured on Nautical Wheeler by Jen, owner and designer of Nautical Wheeler Jewelry. She has a fun and eclectic collection of jewelry- check it out!

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  1. sigh. i miss mona lake. what i wouldn't do for a rope swing right now.