capitol reef camp.











We are not huge fans of pay camp spots where you have to pitch a tent five feet from a stranger. It's like shacking up in a cheap motel except you can hear every snort and conversation. And, you have to pay! So, after our hike we went on the search for the perfect camp spot. And, nestled in a playground of rock formations we did find THE perfect camp spot. We spent the evening climbing and jumping around the arches and boulders before setting up camp. My favorite part of camping: the food. I love setting up camp at the end of the day, after a long hike, and curling up on a camp chair in front of the fire--tin foil dinners, roasted vegetables and corn, and s'mores. And, for breakfast, oatmeal and roasted peaches.

It was Lauren's very first camp out, and she was loving it. Although, if you ever head out to Capitol Reef we suggest taking bug spray... or you might hear a few choice words. They were out in full force. But, once we smoked out the bugs with the campfire, we were in heaven.

It's so great to get away with friends.

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