giveaway announced.



hanner said...

what great finds! i love the purple dress. and the purple skirt. i guess i am in the mood for purple.

Thank you so much for your support, Hannah! I'm sorry, it seems someone has snatched up that purple dress already. But send us an email to claim your prize, and I'm sure we can find something you will love.

This has been such a fun and emotion-filled week. It's definitely a little stressful investing so much time and money into a project, not knowing if it will pan out. I think it is a wonderful life lesson for everyone. And, it feels so great to get such positive feedback from our readers and the Etsy community. Now, Sam and I are going to try and take this weekend to pick up the pieces a little. Our house still looks like it has exploded, we haven't been grocery shopping in awhile, and we both feel a little like we have been hit by a train. It's time for a little r&r.

But, don't forget! You still have until midnight on Saturday to use our 10% discount code in the shop. Just type in the code grandopening at check-out. It is our gift to you-- happy grand opening week!


  1. ahh, bye bye purple dress. but i am still So Excited!! thanks for doing the giveaway :)