in the garden.





Did I mention that we have a garden? I am pretty darn proud of us for getting things planted, even if we were a little late. But, the prospect of fresh produce is very motivating. We have two garden plots: one is 3x12', and the other is 3x18. Each is dotted with tiny, evenly spaced plants. We are also encouraging a small strip of dirt by the fence for our pole beans so that they have something to climb up. It took just a few days of after-dinner work--the perfect time of day to feel a nice breeze and dig your hands into the dirt.

Here is the line up:
crookneck squash
fourth of july tomatoes
red zebra tomatoes
celebrity tomatoes
early girl tomatoes
bell peppers
anaheim peppers
pole beans
and marigolds.

You should stop by to see the garden. And if you become a regular, you might even go home with some veggies!

We would also like to introduce our little fox-face dog, Goldie. He's not our dog, but we've been caring for him the past few days. He belongs to our landlord--the sweet, old man in our basement. He is the kindest landlord, and he loves to talk your ear off. Unfortunately, he is in the hospital right now. When Goldie was crying his little heart out the other night, we knew something must be wrong. Goldie is an "old man's dog" and used to curling up next to Val all day, every day. Somehow, Sam convinced me to let Goldie hang out at our place so he wouldn't get lonely. I am a cat person myself, but Goldie has sure grown on me. He follows me around all day, and curls up at my feet while I work. I just love him.


  1. Nice gardening shoes Sam! I'm impressed that the two of you are starting a garden. I don't think I'd have the patience.

  2. What lovely pics, and good for you for gardening! It's hard to do in a little rented space.
    Maybe we'll have to walk on over soon to visit.

  3. I love the names of the tomatoes... especially "early girl" :) I still have hope that you will turn into a dog person.

  4. Thanks, Amanda. Not my usual gardening get-up but it did the job.