salt flats.

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salt flats- sam

salt flats- rox

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This is the last post in our series about our trip to northern California--although the Salt Flats are in Utah, not California. On the way out, we drove through the area after dark, so we were excited to see them during magic hour. We were a little surprised to find that the flats were covered in water, but it was still a beautiful sight. They stretch out in every direction and make you feel how big the world really is. Sam really wants to go back up later this summer to see the races they hold on the flats.

To wrap up our trip, I thought I might add a few random favorites from northern California.

If you ever find yourself in Arcata, California:
1. Luke's Joint- We grabbed a sandwich, and were pleasantly surprised at how crazy good it was. The best part was the little dish of house-made barbeque sauce. Grab a scone on the way out, and you will leave with a smile.

If you ever find yourself in Healdsburg, California:
1. Downtown Bakery and Creamery- It was perfectly warm and breezy when we pulled into Healdsburg. It felt so good after spending a week on the chilly, damp coast. We found ourselves at the Downtown Bakery where they make their own ice cream and sorbets from local fruits and cream, and imported chocolate. Do you need a suggestion? Try a scoop of sunrise with a scoop of meyer lemon.

2. 14feet- We fell in love with this place, and I am not exactly sure how I pulled Sam away. 14feet has the most beautifully curated collection of mid-century and industrial home furnishings. That is the word we kept thinking of, "curated." Every single piece was so carefully selected and placed. I think we ran our fingers along every single item in that shop, jealous that we couldn't afford such beautiful things at the moment.


  1. i have never actually been ON the salt flats. not ever going is probably one of my biggest regrets after living there for 6 years... :(

  2. you know what...i lived in provo for 4 whole years and never visited the salt flats. I think I must on my next visit! You two are such a handsome couple by the way.

    ha, I just read hannah's comment....we're in the same boat!