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On Saturday, Sam and I met up with some friends at the Provo Farmer's Market. It was the very first market of the summer, and it was a perfectly beautiful Saturday morning. Provo has had some iffy weather this May, but it finally feels like it's time for summer dresses and farmer's markets. The Provo market has everything from fresh produce (when in season) to taco stands, and handmade jewelry to custom made Harry Potter wands (not kidding). Sam and I were looking for a few more plants for the garden, so we walked from tent to tent comparing leaves and stems. I love to see the rows of tiny plants nestled in potting trays or recycled yogurt containers. Sam insisted on going home with a strong, little tomato plant to add to our growing collection. We can now account for four different types of tomato plants. Sam has promised me tomato basil soup, or else I wouldn't let him take up so much of our garden with them. We will finally plant the last of our garden this afternoon! Would you like to see it?

If you ever find yourself at the Provo Farmer's Market:
1. Limeade stand- If you have been to the market over the past few years, you will be happy to hear that the limeade stand is back! These guys have figured it out--fresh limes, organic cane sugar, and a few fresh mint leaves. It is the perfect tall-glass-of-something for a summer day.

2. Waffle Shoppe- This shop belongs to Hayley Castle--a friend of a friend. The waffles are amazing of course, but I think you will really love their homemade "special" syrup. I also really appreciate that Hayley has taken the time to create a brand for the shoppe, and it is just darling. If you "like" their page in the month of June, you can get a free drink with purchase!

3. Venezuelan arepas- When we found out the taqueria was sold out, these Venezuelan arepas were a great alternative. An arepa is something between a gordita, a papusa, and a sandwich. Need a suggestion? Try the carne y queso, or the pollo y queso.

It was a beautiful weekend, and I was so happy to see so many friends and family! Sam and I have a busy week ahead of us, but you should be looking forward to a great, big announcement very soon. I'm afraid I have already let it slip to a few, but I will still try to keep you on your toes...

Ps. My little sister is in the hospital in Arizona for an emergency appendectomy. Please, keep her in your prayers. Love you, Dani!


  1. yes! The limeade was always my favorite. yum!

  2. You and Sara look beautiful! I miss you girls! I hope Provo is treating you well. I'm excited for your announcement...