wishful thinking.

high sun bikini

I have spent a good deal of time in the last few days pinning swimsuits to my "wishlist" board on Pinterest. Most of them have a retro cut, which I can attest is flattering on just about every body. Last summer, I broke down and bought No. 5 in black for my honeymoon in Cozumel. This is why this post is titled "Wishful Thinking." After a splurge like that, I don't think I can allow myself to buy another swimsuit for another five years. But, it really is the most luxurious, comfortable, and worry-free swimsuit I have ever had the pleasure of wearing. Sometimes good-quality beats out cheap. My landlord always says, "Cheap is expensive." It makes sense to me, but those three digit price tags are sure hard to swallow.

I have been drooling over No. 1 all week. I want it...real bad.
Yes, it is very wishful thinking. I know this. But, they are just so beautiful! I love the colors I am seeing this year. After a great tan, these pastel and bold colors will just pop. Now, I just need $200 and a tan.

Here are some of my favorites this season:
1. High Sun Bikini, Anthropologie
2. Seersucker Tank, J. Crew
3. Woven Vintage, J. Crew
4. Color-Pop Maillot, Anthropologie
5. Natalie One-Piece, Anthropologie
6. Retro Dot Bikini, J. Crew
7. Camera Pose Bikini, Anthropologie
8. Neon Floral Tank, J. Crew

It's ok if you swoon a little. I won't tell.
By the way, do you recognize that last one? Yes, it is a pretty close reproduction to Anthropologie's High Sun Bikini! You should check out the Etsy shop. You can have some very close reproductions for half the price. And, that's just a bit easier to swallow.

Do you have any favorite suits this season?


  1. ooo. number 5 is pretty. great post!

  2. Sometimes ASOS has some nice knock-offs, and Topshop has a doily swimsuit that is kinda cute, although it's still expensive.
    So I'm a little less of a creeper - I'm Naomi. I knew Sam when I lived in Provo. I have no idea how I scouted into your blog, but you seem lovely and I like it.

  3. i'm so happy to see 4 & 5 on your blog! for like two days they were all i could talk about. (i just deleted a really long paragraph on a justification of buying expensive clothes. fyi. i can still back it up, but i really need to stop pounding people's blogs with narratives.) i super love this one and it has sat on our svpply. and will probably sit and sit and sit. but that's ok. sigh.


  4. oh, oh my. i LOVE that swimsuit. navy blue and white are so great for summer. and it's sort of on sale!