A loving home for Goldie.

So, (rip my heart out), we have to find a home for Goldie before we move. His real owner is living in a nursing home now, and we just can't take him to NY with us. Trust me, I would if I could. If I was a selfish person, I would totally pack him up and shove him into our tiny apartment. But, it just wouldn't be fair to him. So, we are on the search for a loving family to take him in. He really needs some space and attention. I would preferably love to give him to a nice family with a yard, and at least one person who stays at home during the days. He would be a great family dog. He is such a sweet and loving dog, and he loves to cuddle and play. So, let me know if you are interested or know anyone that may be interested. We only have a little over a week to get him settled in his new home, so act fast! But not too fast, because I am not ready for the blubbering that will occur when I have to leave him.

Reasons why you should love Goldie:
1. He is soft and cuddly.
2. He has one floppy ear, and looks like a fox.
3. He waits for you by the gate until you come home.
4. He has a girl name, but he's a boy.
5. He can fit in your bicycle basket.
6. He looks really funny when he runs, or when you throw him in the air.
7. He's loyal, he never leaves your side.
8. He is never mean, and doesn't bite. (Actually, he's kind of a wimp.)
9. He can clean out a can of food in 2.2 seconds.
10. He's the cutest dog ever.

And now, here are a few more adorable pictures that will make you come running:




And, here come the waterworks...

UPDATE: We have found Goldie a home! We will tell you more about them later, but for now we are just trying to enjoy these last few days with our little fox dog...


  1. Oh man. If we still lived in utah, and didn't just have a baby, we would totally take him. He is so so cute!

  2. I'm so sorry sweetheart. :( I can tell how much you love him.

    I've been showing his photos to Jack, who is very excited by his nose ("No! no!" whilst pointing to his nose) any by the photo of him sleeping ("shhhhhh! shhhhh!").

    I wish I could help you out. I've pinned his photo for you so hopefully your blog will get some more exposure/interest - there's loads of
    crafty stay-at-home-mums on Pinterest! Fingers crossed lovey!

  3. I would definitely take him, if I didn't already have 2 dogs. He is adorable! Shucks!!
    He is so cute, I'm sure he'll find a great home.

  4. He looks like he is part "Papillion"
    Have you posted on KSL?