this week.

Sam and I tried to take advantage of the holiday break, and spent most of the week packing. I've never had a big move before. When I was 18, I moved out to Utah for school with two huge suitcases. My mom and I had to pay extra fines at the airport because my luggage was busting at the seams, and something like 50 lbs overweight. And then every year, and almost every semester after that, I moved from dorms, to apartments, to houses all over Provo. But, moving in Provo only involves shoving all of your stuff loosely in the car, driving around the corner, and dumping it in your new house.

So this is definitely my first real move. And, we've discovered that 80% of the stuff in our house belongs to Mr. Sam Gray. We are both hoarders and collectors, but I guess Sam has a few years on me. So, it's been a very long week of sorting "Yes" or "No" piles. It's so hard! We are very slowly building stacks of boxes in the empty corners of the house. We are also selling a few things on KSL, if you are interested (an Osprey backpack, climbing equipment, a Lichtenstein print, a Canon printer, a Drink Master, and much more to come!)

1. dumpster diving for moving boxes.
2. cutting down on books, so sad.
3. first few boxes.
4. taking a last ride on my bike.
5. Goldie in the basket.
6. packing up the kitchen.


  1. I've been trying to purge my stuff too, before the New Year and all. It IS really hard! Especially the books--letting go of them is the hardest. Good luck!

  2. if you stop by Wal Mart around 1 am they are usually restocking shelves. Grab a cart, and go to the houseware aisles and stock up on as many boxes as you want - they just leave them laying around! Check out the cereal aisle too, those boxes are good sized as well.

  3. This sounds oh so familiar.
    We were most successful at finding boxes in a cardboard recycling dumpster behind the Joanne's on University Parkway.
    I know books are pretty expensive to move, but my mom recently was telling me that you can mail books really cheaply (3rd class rate I think).
    Hope that helps... good luck!