last week.

My review of this week is a little late, owing to the fact that we were out of town all weekend. But, we're back and trying to get things in order before the holidays. Tomorrow is the last day of school, and I absolutely love the holidays through the eyes of little kids. They are just so happy, and it definitely rubs off. Unfortunately, Sam's passed out on the coach next to me drinking Throat Coat and watching Star Wars. He caught a little cold on the way home, and he doesn't look too hot. Goldie and I are taking good care of him, though.

I'll post more pictures from the wedding later, but here are a few bits and pieces from our week. Happy Tuesday!

1. pink grapefruit for breakfast.
2. some of our first little bits of snow in Utah.
3. little Sam Gray.
4. Nola at Kelsey's birthday party.
5. new shoes from Modcloth. thanks, Mama!
6. Goldie with an early Christmas present.
7. Miss Grace at the Hotel Carlile.
7. Salt Creek Beach, CA.

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