I was so excited to find out that our cream lace and velvet dress was featured on the ModCloth Tumblr this weekend! It's one of my favorite dresses in the shop, but it's so darn small. We have a small collection of dresses from the same little, petite woman who must have had impeccable taste. They are all little mod, minis-- like this one and this one. It really makes me wish I knew her, or the stories behind each piece. Anything that comes to us in such good condition always gives me the feeling that they were well cared for and special to someone.

Anyway, we're excited to be included on ModCloth, especially when I am a happy customer myself. If you haven't been there, you should definitely check it out. I still have a little bit of ModCloth store credit from my birthday, and I have been checking their new arrivals everyday!

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