this week.

I really don't have very many daily blog reads. I try to cut down, or else I know I may never get away from the computer. But, I have always been impressed by Miss James over at Bleubird. She has the most beautiful family, and she loves them so much. I take note of some of her parenting choices, and I appreciate that she is so positive. Most every Friday she posts "Bits + Pieces" of their week- just random photos from throughout the week. We've just recently joined Instagram, and some of my favorite photos have just been sitting on my phone. These are not necessarily from this past week, just a few since I got my new phone. So, happy Friday! How was your week?

1. taking Goldie for a walk
2. Sam being a man, out shooting things with BTW
3. Thanksgiving pie dough
4. mini pie kit- a perfect birthday present from Emily
5. Grandma and Nola
6. lights at Temple Square in Salt Lake City
7. cutest little nativity scene, at school
8. first present under the tree!

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  1. I really love that picture of Sam.

    I'm going to follow you on Instagram. I am addicted.