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Just a few photos from last week. I think one of my favorites is the line of boots. I have spent two years now trying to find the perfect stockings for us. I have hoops to jump through in this family. I have to find ones that I like AND ones that Sam likes, as well. (I've got myself a husband who knows what he wants.) He doesn't want anything frilly, and I don't want anything ugly and boring. Sometimes, our tastes clash just a little. So, on Christmas Eve I decided I was just going to whip us up some temporary stockings out of whatever I could find in my fabric collection. Then, I got a little too excited and added extra details to the plans, like toes, heels, felt lining, and possibly names. Three hours later, after my 60-year-old sewing machine broke the thread 20 times in a row, I burst into tears. Sam took charge and decided that it would be fun to use our boots, instead. And, I loved it! I hope to find (or make) those perfect stockings one day, but for now, those boots were so much fun. Especially, when Sam was too generous and filled both of my boots! And, Goldie even got a boot full of things to chew on, and a little Cutie orange.

1. our makeshift stockings (Sam, Rox (2), Goldie)
2. my first Christmas away from home, my first package from the family!
3. baked apples for breakfast.
4. Goldie's all tuckered out after a day of ripping apart his stuffed reindeer.
5. stocking stuffers: Sam.
6. stocking stuffers: Roxanne.
7. surveying the damage.

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