4th of july dinner.












My favorite part of the 4th was having dinner at Grandma Chuckie's. Chuckie (Charlotte) lives in a beautiful log house in Mapleton. It is where all of the Gray's gather for holidays and special events, or just to hang out with Grandma. Chuckie is a firecracker, no 4th of July pun intended. She is the one with the sassy bob. I never met Grandpa Bob but I always hear of his love for her, and how he would call out to her, "Chuck!"

We had grilled chicken and hamburgers, beans, salad, and Chuckie's famous potato salad. And, we couldn't celebrate the 4th without Nancy's flag cake. We set up a table on the lawn and enjoyed the cool breeze from the canyon. I hope that someday I can be as lucky as Chuckie. She is still beautiful and hopping, and surrounded by a large family who loves her.

After dinner, Sam and his little brother broke out our meager supply of "fireworks"--mostly consisting of snaps, flowers, blackcats, and sparklers. Lucky for us, the entire canyon was blooming with fireworks. So, while we watched the neighbors set off works, we played with sparklers and ended the night with the "box of fire." The "box" went something like this: Sam got bored, set a cardboard box of paper on fire, and threw the rest of the explosives in...BAM!

By the way, the baby blue belt from our shop was featured on Creature Comforts today! Take a look--she put together a beautiful collection of picks, and we are so excited to be a part of it.


  1. ah! this looks like so so so much fun. i love your matching red stripes.
    congrats on the creature comforts post!

  2. Grandma Gray looks so good! I love her hair like that! I wish we could have been there to celebrate with yall!