utah day.


Happy Pioneer Day! I guess technically Pioneer Day was yesterday, but since it fell on a Sunday most of Utah is celebrating today. Pioneer Day is the day we all celebrate when the Mormon Pioneers arrived in the Salt Lake Valley to settle Utah. Sam likes to call it "Utah Day." Next to the 4th of July, it is one of his favorite holidays of the year. I had to talk him out of buying cookie cutters shaped like the state of Utah and beehives the other day because he really wanted to make cookies for Utah Day. This is how he celebrates holidays--appropriately shaped sugar cookies, iced and covered with the appropriate candy. For example, Halloween is apparently not Halloween until we have pumpkin shaped cookies covered with candy corn, or on Valentine's Day we have heart shaped cookies covered with conversation hearts.

In case you haven't noticed, Sam loves Utah. It has made me fall a little for the state myself. He has a map of Utah with every road he has ever driven on highlighted. Someday, he really wants to have covered every road on the map, and he is actually much closer than you think. I think it's great, because I just tag along for the ride. By the way, we are planning another southern Utah trip this coming weekend--if you want in, let us know!

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