So, my posts may be somewhat scattered for the next couple of weeks. I am participating in a really great workshop during the day, consequently in the evenings I am either zonked out or nursing my sore-out-of-shape body. The Choreography Design Workshop, at Jacqueline's School of Ballet, is directed by Troy Mundy-- an internationally known choreographer. It is a chance to let three choreographers work with some of the best dancers in the Utah area. Most of the dancers are members, or apprentice members, of the Utah Regional Ballet. And, if they are not apprentices, then they are tiny child prodigies who can kick their head and leap higher than anyone I know. It's like having two weeks to create and craft with some of the best tools you can imagine. There are three choreographers, and every day we are given an assignment and two hours to create a piece. It is challenging, to say the least, but I love it. You learn to trust your instincts when you are given a time restraint. It is also amazing to work with and get immediate feedback from a professional who has such an extensive background.

Yesterday, I created a piece somewhat inspired by this Decoufle video. He is one of my favorite choreographers, as you may recall. It was the first day this week where I really felt like the piece came together just the way I wanted it to. Yesterday, the challenge involved the use of space. We were only allowed to use half of the stage, and we had to use the side and back wall as part of our "floor." We were all allowed up to eight chairs, as well. I loved it. I felt like everyone came up with some great material.

I hope this video makes you smile. It is one of my favorites. Happy Thursday, and Happy HP7.2! You know we will be there.

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