4th of july parade.







Sam and I had the best 4th of July weekend! I might have to spread out some of the photos, so as to not overwhelm you with our patriotism. Or, with our habit of taking far too many pictures.

We spent Saturday night on a blanket at the corner Chevron watching the fireworks from the Stadium of Fire. It is a perfect Provo tradition, riding your bike in the summer breeze to snag a spot by the stadium. The fireworks were spectacular this year. They were so loud and close you almost expected to be showered with sparks. Speaking of explosive, this year the big fireworks were made legal in Utah. So, Utah County has been exploding with fireworks and poppers every night for a week. You would think it would be annoying, but it has been so much fun.

On the morning of the 4th, we joined the Grays on Center Street for the Freedom Festival parade. Do you remember Art City Days? Well, this is Provo's time to shine. People camp out over night to get the best spots. Somehow, we grabbed a space right on the median at the turn-about. We had a perfect view, and sometimes the marching bands would split at the median and we then we had surround sound seating. Some of our favorites: seeing friends skipping with the Sundance Sound of Music cast, the homemade baby floats, huge walloping tanks and jeeps, and the crowd of patriotic Star Wars characters.

After the parade, we took a stroll downtown to see the festival booths and carnival rides. Provo really does know how to do the 4th right.

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  1. You are making me miss Provo (which I never thought I would say). I wish that I could have been there! Beautiful photos, too!