how she wore it.




This is Miss Sara Beach.
She's gorgeous, eh? Well, try and pry your eyes from her pretty, little face and take a look at those pants! I asked Sara if she would model her new pants for me to announce the launch of "phase 2" of our shop opening. We are starting a new feature called "how she wore it" or "how he wore it." I had the idea when I realized how heartbreaking it was to let go of some of our inventory, never to see it again. I thought it would be fun to have some of our customers send us photos so that I could see how they wore it. I was so excited to see how Sara would style these pants. I love high waist pants, but I have always been a little nervous to try them out. Sara snagged these from the shop even before the official launch. I set aside a similar pair in black and they are still sitting in my dresser waiting for me to get the guts to put them on. But, after looking at these photos I am already making plans to wear them out. Do you like them? Well, lucky you--we have three pairs in the shop.

So, here is the deal: Send us your photos (, and we will feature them on the blog or on our brand new Facebook page. I look forward to seeing them!

We have had a lot of friends and family asking how they can help with the shop. We really appreciate everyone's support, it's been such a fun project for us. If you are interested in supporting, we now have a few new buttons on the sidebar! We've opened a Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter for Rox & Sam Vintage. It's an opportunity for people to follow the shop, including new inventory, sales, and style features. Sam is also working on a few buttons that you can add to your blog or website, if you are interested.

We are also offering a giveaway! On August 12, we will pick a random fan from our Facebook page to receive a $50 gift certificate to the shop! We like you a lot, by the way.


  1. I'm happy that I am going to be the first to comment on this post. Sara looks stunning! And I love those pants. They look like they were made for her. Lovely...

  2. ahh i need to redeem my prize still! i haven't forgotten :)